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4/14/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, April 14, 2014 11:55 AM

Dear Families,

Last week we launched our 4th unit of study, Shape Up!  with a look at our outsides- all of the names of the body parts that we can see from the outside.  (Well- not all.  We’re saving the “bathing suit area” for conversations at home.  You’re welcome!)  We’ve started our daily workouts (Shape Up Time) in the commons with some muscle work and the kids are really digging it.  It’s amazing what we can do with a little coaching from our friend Dawn.  Next we’ll move into kickboxing, aerobics and yoga.

The Brain

This week we’ll learn about our brains and the five senses that help us make sense of the world.  With some help from Schoolhouse Rock and Mrs Frizzle’s Magic School bus, we’ll get a pretty good understanding of what’s happening in our “melons.”  We’ll be reading some non-fiction texts and turning the info into poetry, too.


The district has given the final approval for our camping trip, so we are ready to send the packets home this week.  Please send testimonials, questions and comments about camp whenever you have them.  Thanks to Katy Rozin who is on the hunt for “pickle buckets” from local restaurants.  


This will be our first week without Zoey, our dear student teacher, but we won’t have to miss her.  She’ll be coming in as a volunteer to work with a couple reading groups.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am and how lucky we are!  Since I was off learning stuff on Thursday and Friday last week, we are going to have Zoey’s goodbye party Monday afternoon.  





Spelling Words





















medulla oblongata*

*super bonus  

Homework Ideas

*Choose a place in your house- make a list of things you see, hear, feel or touch, taste, smell

*Medulla oblongata is where freeze, fight or flight lives.  What makes you feel like running away or freezing?  Make a list!

*Get a magazine or newspaper and highlight all of the heart words you can find.  

*Do your exercise for the week- fill out the chart attached. We will tabulate the class numbers every Friday.

*Fill out and bring back your camping forms.

*Read for pleasure and practice.

*Do your own thing!

*Train your brain!  Memorize a song, poem, spelling wordor set of math facts.  

*Do the math fact practice included (if we remember to give you some this week!)