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4/17/2017 Newsletter & Homework

Dawn’s and Kristin’s

Class Newsletter

Clara Barton Open School

April 17, 2017

Dear Families,

We had a busy week learning

important facts about the sun. This

week we will learn about the planets

that make up our solar system, and

are we ever excited about it!

Buddy Projects

Both classes brainstormed

things that are in the sky and came up

with long, long lists. Then the

teachers chose 25 that would be fun

to research with our big buddies from

Lindsey’s and Alexandra’s rooms. Each

student has their project topic and

has started brainstorming questions

with their big buddies. You will see

the finished projects at our Sky

Show/ Portfolio Sharing event on

Lake Day Monday. Save the date!

June 12, in the morning, 7:30-8:30

(unless there is an all school morning

meeting that pre-empts us- then we’ll


Reading Camps

From now until the end of the

year, we will divide into 2 reading

camps. Dawn will be leading the camp

for independent readers, working on

reading stamina, approaching hard

words, thinking about the author’s

message, etc. Kristin will he leading

the “writing to read” camp, for

students who are not quite

independent readers yet. These

students will write and illustrate their

own books This is a way to approach

the building blocks of literacy (sight

words, phonics skills, tracking print,

decoding longer words) by accessing

the students’ strengths and interests.

Strong Readers

In both camps, we’ll be

emphasizing these “habits of strong

readers,” taken from Kathy Collins’

amazing book, Growing Readers.

*Strong readers read every day.

*Strong readers talk and think about

books with other people.

*Strong readers read everything in


*Strong readers take care of books

and protect their reading time.

If you have the chance, use this

language with your child at home. It’s

so powerful when students hear

teachers and parents saying the same


Camp Packet

We’ll get it together next week,

and will need a quick turn-around!


Poking Games

We have a distinct upsurge in

both classes of students poking,

hitting, “tapping” private parts, etc.

Some of this is extra Springtime

energy. It is helpful for kids to have

lots of outdoor play time after school.

We’d also appreciate if families

reinforced the message that hitting

someone for fun is still hitting, and is

NOT okay at home or at school.

When kids say “I was just playing”

they need to hear from all parties

that it isn’t a game if someone is

annoyed or hurt.


Kristin and Dawn

102-104 Homework

April 17, 2017

You know what to do! Choose a few

homework ideas to try, and be ready

for homework sharing and a spelling

test on Friday.

*Take a walk and look for signs that

the seasons are changing.

*Practice your spelling words! This is

a very tough list- our hardest yet.

Try loading your words into and using the app to

help you practice.

*Every day, look at the temperature

and the forecast for the day before

leaving the house. Plan your outfit

accordingly. Remember, the

classrooms are HOT, so dress in


*Use RAZ kids for practice! The kids

who use it every day are moving

forward and becoming independent

readers who know all about the story

they just read.

*Collect some data. Ask 10 people

about their favorite season. Make a

graph that shows your information.

*Write some story problems for the

class to solve.

*Do your own thing!

*Spend lots of time playing outside

and getting your energy out.

Spelling Words