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4/27/2015 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, April 27, 2015 1:10 PM

Dear Families,

I’m looking at the blue sky and sun sparkling on the water and feeling grateful that spring is finally really here!  Day after day our class has recorded the temperature, only to see it stay the same or worse, plunge!  The best part is that we are really seeing how a line graph shows us data about change over time.

We have also been working with bar graphs. We created questions and possible answers with our friends in Dawn’s class. Then, each student gathered data from each of the 49 other students in 102 and 104. Our mathematicians were curious, systematic and careful as they changed their raw data into neat, informative bar graphs.  Finally, we talked about how we might use the information that we could now “see at a glance.”  We’ll keep working with gathering, organizing and interpreting data as we close out the year.

Academic Choice

As we grow in responsible independence, we have more opportunity for academic choice, a keystone of the open school experience.  We will have a learning goal that is the same for all students (like show what you know about the water cycle) and give students choice in how they meet that goal,(like write a poem, draw a picture, make a book.)  Sometimes choices are limited, sometimes open ended.  They all depend on responsible independence- students who are accountable and show self control as they work to meet their learning goals.  Why let students choose?  Choice is a powerful motivator, and something that takes practice.  We can’t expect students to make good choices if they never have the chance to choose!  


We have only thirteen days in school before we head to camp.  Preparations are full speed ahead, even though we don’t know who all is coming!  Please get your forms in!  There is a “camp survey” in the BEE books of students who haven’t returned their forms, so I can figure out what our status is. If you have questions about our camping trip, please ask!

This Week…

We still have our “eyes to the sky” and will keep watching the weather but will shift our focus to other things up there.  This week we will be bird-watchers!  Keep your eyes peeled for the returning birds of spring, and help us by sending a “bird book from home if you have one.  

Thanks!  Kristin

Spelling Words





















Homework Ideas

*Bring a bird book to school to share.

*Get your camp forms in!

*Take a walk around the neighborhood.  Look for nests in trees, and birds.  Tally all the birds you see.

*Read for pleasure and practice!

*Write some poetry!  Bring it to school to share.

*Memorize a poem about the weather (or any other poem.”  

*Learn a joke to share with the class!  Bird jokes are super fun!

*Do your own thing.

*Get some bird seed and use it to spell a word (like bird) on the ground.  See if birds will fly up and “write the word” for you!  (What’s your hypothesis?  Will it work?

*Practice math facts to become fluent.  Try the card game, “double compare,” or use dice or cards to generate problems to solve.