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4/6/2015 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, April 6, 2015 12:30 PM

Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful spring break and are feeling ready to send your little chicks back to school for a few weeks more.  Amanda and I took the train to Chicago and had the best time doing all things Chicago-y. Now it’s time to dive into learning again!

The 100 Word Spelling Test

Well, our plan was to draw 20 words at random for the test last Thursday, and call it a day.  That idea drew an unhappy “AW!” from the class, so we did all 100, broken up into chunks, with dance breaks in between.  And no wonder!  Although we had no “100” scores, we had a 99!  We had 8 kids in the 90s and 4 in the 80s. I didn’t really know what to expect but wowie!  Everyone knew so much!  It’s important that all children feel proud of what they do know, and set reasonable goals (like two or three a week) to become fluent in reading and writing all 100 heart words.  And remember 1st graders- you have next year too!

Eyes to the Sky

This week we begin our final unit of study, Eyes to the Sky.

The human commonality is our connection to nature.  We will experience lessons and activities that address these key questions:

*What’s Up?

*Why is what happens “up in the sky” important to us “down on earth?”

*How do scientists study the sky?

We’ll start by learning some basics about the weather- what weather is, and what makes it happen.  In math, we’ll be working with data.  We’ll watch the weather, take measurements, and find out how to record changes in the temperature every day.  

Brent is Ready!

Brent will take the teaching lead for most of the next two weeks, and I’ll be right there to give him support and feedback.  His time with us is almost over (April 17) and I’ll be sad to see him go.  

Camping Packets

Look for your camping packet to come home later this week. Our camping trip is Thursday and Friday, May 14 and 15.  

Thanks, Kristin


Spelling Words





















Homework Ideas

*Watch a weather forecast on the news. What do you notice?

*Practice spelling words.  Talk about what each word means.

*Read for pleasure and practice.

*Get your clothes ready for spring. Talk about what kind of outside clothes you might need this week.

*Check the temperature throughout the day.  What do you notice about the change in temperature from the day to the night?

*As you read stories  or watch tv or movies, watch for weather,  How does weather affect stories?

*Do your own thing.

*Look for math in the world- where do you see numbers, patterns, data, measurement and geometry?