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4/7/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, April 7, 2014 1:20 PM

Dear Families,

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our City Expo!  We had a wonderful turnout, even though March 28 was originally meant to be a day off for kids.  We worked hard on our brochures up to the last minute, and all of the kids were proud of their accomplishments. Thanks especially to Zoey Bros, who was the full time teacher during our last two weeks of Timelines and Skylines.    

Now it’s time for us to enter our last quarter of school.  This is usually an active, hardworking time where everything we’ve been learning really comes together.  Kids start thinking about what it will be like to move up a grade!  With this comes excitement, and a little anxiety.  It helps to be vigilant about bedtimes and plenty of exercise.  Let me know if there are worries I can help with.

Shape Up!

Our new unit of study is called Shape Up!  Our key questions are:

*How do we stay healthy and safe?

*How do our bodies work?

*How do we grow and change?

We will begin by looking at the outsides of our bodies, collecting data about how we’re the same and different, and building vocabulary that will help us as we learn about our “insides” in the weeks to come.  


May 15 and 16 we will be camping overnight at Baker Park.  There are some new “overnight” guidelines from the district, so we’ll be sending out camping packet home this week to give you a chance to fill out all of the paperwork. This year all of our volunteers will need to fill out an official district background check.  


Camping Needs-

*We will need about 25 “pickle buckets” with lids.  Usually we find these from local restaurants.  If you have a connection, could you ask for us?

*We don’t have a chief cook assigned yet. If you know how to manage a kitchen and direct volunteers, this might be your job!

Goodbye Zoey!

This is already Zoey’s last week official week with us (she’ll be back for a farewell party next Monday.)  Zoey and I will share teaching duties this week.  We will really, really miss her, and wish her the best in her teaching adventure.  


Thanks, Kristin

Spelling  Words























Homework Ideas

*Draw an awesome self-portrait and label it with all of your spelling words.

*Get thirty minutes of exercise every day.  Write what you did on the chart provided.  Bring it to class next Friday so that we can add up the minutes our class exercised.  

*Sell green plants!  The school plant sale is going strong!  Get out there and support Barton!

*This week we have two and too as spelling words.  Devise a way to remember which is which.  Do the same for
there, their and they’re.

*Write a letter of recommendation for Zoey. Tell her what you like about her teaching.

*Read for fun or pleasure!

*Make a list of verbs- things your body can do.

*Do the fact work for the week.

*Do your own thing!