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5/16/16 Camp Week Newsletter, Menu, Schedule
Sunday, May 15, 2016 12:30 PM

 Dawn’s and Kristin’s Class Camp Edition!

Clara Barton Open School    May 16, 2016         dawn.white@mpls.k12.,


Dear Families,

Thanks for supporting our camping trip! The weather report looks promising.   We will be staying at Marshview campground at Baker Park in the Three Rivers Park District.  Directions are on the back.  If you need to reach us at camp, call Kristin’s cell phone at 612-695-5410.   Here are some last minute reminders:

Send Tents!

We need tents at school byTuesday.  We need to see how many we’ve got and label them with names of students using.  If you offered to lend a tent, we need it!  Put it in “Chicago,” at the end our hall.  Label all of the parts- the bag, the tent, the fly, the tarp. 

Other Equipment

If you offered a camp stove, you can drop that off any time, or bring it to camp if you are coming.  Lanterns too.  Coolers with ice can be delivered to school Thursday morning or brought right to camp if you are coming. Label everything!


-Bring a chair for yourself.  Also a coffee cup. 

*Bring a snack to share with other adult chaperones.  It requires stamina to camp with kids, and you will need extra fuel. We’ll keep a coffee pot going all day.


For your kids-

-Send a bag lunch for Thursday.  (If you are going to be at camp, bring one for yourself, too.)  All other meals will be prepared in the camp kitchen.

*The menu and schedule are attached. “Frontloading” with info about camp is an anxiety-reducer.

*Send extra socks and a pair of boots.  Grass is wet in the morning.  We’ll play outside even if there is light rain.  Send a raincoat if you have one, and extra layers if you don’t. 

*It will be nice in the day and cold at night. Send a warm jacket, hat and tuck an extra blanket in your sleeping bag.  Send warm pajamas or a sweatsuit for sleeping.


If you are driving to camp, it’s nice to share rides with other parents to keep things greener.  Feel free to use this email send a shoutout if you are looking for a carpool- think about sharing tent space too!

Two Reminders-

*Kids tents are just for kids- parents must sleep separately. Make sure you have a place to sleep! 

*It goes without saying, but we’re saying it anyway- school functions are smoke and alcohol free.  Thanks!  Dawn and Kristin

Camp Menu Meal by Meal



Thursday Snack- have on bus!!!

granola bars

string cheese



Thursday Lunch

Bag lunch- kids bring.

Have bread, pbj for kids/adults who forget

Thursday Snack-Tonka toaster pies

2 slices bread for each kid, (110 slices) one spoonful of pie filling each several kinds, pam for toasters, butter for bread, powdered sugar in a shaker.


Thursday Dinner

Burgers, Dogs, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, potato salad, baked beans, carrots, pickles, corn, milk.

Thursday PM snack

S’more’s- one each



Friday Breakfast

Hot Chocolate, Coffee, OJ, pancakes, butter, syrup, sausage, fruit


Friday Snack

Leftover fruit, carrots, granola bars


Friday Lunch

Floating Tacos Tacos

ground beef w/taco seasoning (browned at home, heated up) refried beans,  tortillas, lettuce, onion, tomato or salsa, cheese


Camp Schedule 2015


7:20 Pick up grill at shed. Outside signs made for gear drop to be loaded onto the Uhaul.

7:30-8:00 Load out. All kids to room 104.  Dawn leads mm, Kristin leads load out.  Load tent sign stakes, tarps for unloading truck and morning snack on bus. 

8:00 Buses leave (40 minute ride)

9:00 Unload buses and U-haul onto tarp. Someone lay out tent stakes to be set up.  Morning meeting for kids and teachers. Reminders about sticks, rocks and keeping on shoes. (Adults set up tents, kitchen)- label coolers- see separate kitchen list. End with snack.

9:30 Walk around camp.  What do you notice? Set clear boundaries for safety.  Get moss in snack size ziplocs with directions already in the bag. Store in bucket. Draw a map after the walk.

10:35 Group games.  Parent talk with Kristin.  Kids Practice putting bag in bucket and “come running” at whistle.

10:45 If ready, kids bring gear to tents and arrange.

11:00 Eat lunch.  Parents play field games with students finished eating.

11:30 Clean the area.  Talk about tent time rules. Practice hearing whistle from tents. Tent time and group games for those that need to move. Reinforce SHOES ON rule. Take photos of all tent groups. See photographer instructions.

12:00 Kids sing, play group games- parents choose and set up activity stations.

12:30 Station review, especially hiking rules and journal sketch and get an  “autograph.”(start on time)

12:45-4:00 Station activities- make sure all kids visit snack station early. Snack station call kids from a list. Field games start at 2:00.

4:00—p.m. Meeting, songs and a group game

4:30-5:30 Tent time or field games

5:30  Eat dinner

6:00 Clean up- group games, field games, campfire sitting, tent time. Explain nighttime routine. Pajamas are for after campfire. Go to tents and lay out pajamas and book.  All other things in your bucket.

6:30- Parents take groups hiking.  Hiking rules apply!  Use the scavenger hunt laminated sheets to look at nature. Take notes in journal. Scavenger hunt also in journal

7:15 S’mores (sharpie on hands for kids receiving s’more) and songs at the campfire.

8:00 Bedtime lullabies at campfire.  Hug fest after songs to send to bed.

8:30 Brush teeth, bathroom, tents

9:00 Lights out



6:45 Wake up, hot chocolate- Have a plan for waking up and staying in tents. Whistle to get up.

7:00 Morning stretch, campfire, field games, tent time.

7:15 Breakfast and journaling

8:00 Morning meeting, rules review, schedule update.

8:30 Tent time.  Tidy tent, put all things in your bag.  Whole tent groups will check out with “Official Tent Checker.”  Set your bag in the pile where they are going- pick up at camp, bus home, pick up at school. 

9:00 Start activities- same as day before except for snack. Adults start taking down tents.

10:45 Group games

11:00 Eat lunch- start on time. Follow with clean up.  Stack dishes instead of using drip bags.

11:45 Final sweep of campgrounds

12:00 Closing circle. Put camp journal in bucket to return to school.

12:30/12:45 Load bus, checked off by teacher.  Students catching a bus at school bring their things on the bus.

12:50 Driving parents take a final check of the area, account for their own children, load leftovers into cars or Uhaul, drive away by 1:00!

1:30 Arrive at school.  Uhaul pulls into upper parking lot.  Parents help unload and bring things into school.  Students check out with your teacher before leaving.