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5/19/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, May 19, 2014 10:40 AM

Dear Families,

I can’t thank you enough for supporting our camping trip.  I was nervous about the cold weather, but everyone pulled together (literally) and kids were perfectly comfortable.  It was a pleasant, peaceful, mellow time. The first day we had lots of activities ready and the kids had fun working and playing.  The second day, there was little need for our planned activities; kids had plans of their own, and were creative, independent, and worked and played together.  

We couldn’t do it without all of the parents who put up tents, loaded and unloaded, cooked, cleaned, heated water, hiked the trails and supervised the crafts.  Although each student washed their own dishes, it takes a grown-up to heat the water, set up the stations, and show the kids how to do it.  

It was a joy to see the kids rely on one another, and a joy to see the adults enjoy their time together too.  

Thanks again to our Kristin’s Class  Camp Volunteers:

Michael Rozin (truck driver and orienteering captain!) Vic Nelson, Jenni Adleman, Katie Quella, Michael Latz, Kate Krueger, Marnie Peichel, David Chang, Amy and Mark Langanki, Brian O’Shea, Jeff Fuller, Mark Paulson, Romana Pulkrabek, Michelle Pryce and Sheila Eldred and Eric Sumner.

Camp  Stuff

We’ll line up leftover stuff in the hallway- if you are missing something, come and take a look!

This Week

We will be talking about “mood”- how feelings and emotions affect our health and happiness.  This is an important topic as the school year draws to a close and kids begin to feel a little anxious about changes to come.  We’ll do some painting and write some poetry about how we’re feeling.

Body Reports

We are working on an “inside, outside” project about our bodies.  Each student has a life-sized self- portrait in the works- with some surprises inside!  You will be able to see them at our Shape Up Show and Portfolio Sharing coming soon!  It is a great way to practice reading informational texts and writing about what we know.  

Coming Up:

May 20, 21 2nd grade MAP tests

May 26- No School

June 4- Shape Up Show and Portfolio Sharing, Rooms 102-4

June 5- Lake Day

June 6- Last day of school.

Thanks!  Kristin





Spelling Words























Homework Ideas


*Look up some facts for your body reports.

*Draw a face to match each “mood word” on your spelling list.  

*Practice your spelling words outside, with chalk on the sidewalk.

*Write a poem about your feelings!

*Make a fraction flag about your feelings.  

*Teach someone to make an octagon bracelet.

*Write a thank you note to one of our camp volunteers.

*Read for practice and pleasure.

*Do your own thing!