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5/27/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, June 2, 2014 7:20 PM

Dear Families,

Here comes the penultimate newsletter of the year!  Dawn and I sat down Friday and planned the last 9 days of school.  Yes, 9 days.  All action packed.  

My goal is to enjoy everyone, and come to a happy, peaceful closure for the school year.  It is common for our kids to feel some mixed emotions- excitement for the summer and the change of grades, and anxiety over the same things.  “Frontloading,” or sharing plans as specifically as possible, and thinking together about what the days ahead will be like, is a wonderful strategy at school and at home, too.  We will take a walk upstairs and peek in on the 3/4 classrooms, and do some writing about our hopes and dreams for the days ahead.  


Our portfolios this year will have a new look.  In the past, it’s been a labor of love for me to put them together on my own or with help from a cadre of parents.  This year, the students will choose the pieces that will go into the portfolios and have a big part in telling the story of their school year.  It’s hard for me to let go of portfolio perfection, but I know it’s the right thing to do! You will see the portfolios on June 4, along with our life-sized inside-outside body reports and the Shape Up Show!  Festivities will start at 7:45 and take less than an hour.  You can take all student work home at the end.

Library Books

Angie Endo is back, and is calling in all library books!  It’s time for her to get them all together and put them to bed for the summer.  Please look around your house for things that belong to Barton.  I’ll send individual reminders for students with missing books on Tuesday.

This Week

This week we will finish our inside/outside body reports, and work on our portfolios, taking plenty of time for reading, singing, and games.  I’ll be working to get a final reading assessment for every one.  


We are saying goodbye to our principal Patrick Duffy, who is going to help lead principals and teachers in St. Paul.  Patrick has done so much for us in just two years- It will be hard to say goodbye.

Coming Up-

June 4, 7:45-8:45 Shape Up Show and Portfolio Sharing

June 5  Lake Day and yearbooks

June 6 Last Day pancake breakfast.

Thanks, Kristin


Spelling Words




















life cycle

Homework Ideas-

*Talk about your summer plans- How will you keep growing this summer?

*Tape a big sheet of paper to your refrigerator that says “Our Summer.”  Every time you do something special write it down.

*Turn in you PALA work.  Be sure to count your minutes for recess and shape up time every day.

*Write an extra body report at home.

*Find some baby pictures and bring to class to share

* Make a list of things you want your new teacher to know about you.

*Play outside all you can!

*Make your spelling words look like they are growing.  Start little and get bigger.

*Read for pleasure and practice.

*Do your own thing.