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5/9/16 Newsletter & Homework
Thursday, May 12, 2016 9:00 AM

Dear Families,

Although I am not a “countdown until the last day” person, our time together in room 102 is CLEARLY getting shorter and more crowded!  So much excitement!  So much to do!  So- just to keep us all on track…


Here is a list of coming events:

May 9, 10  102 MAP tests

May 12- 102,104 City Tour, all day

May 16-20 Spirit Week- dress up!

   Monday- “comfy (PJ)” day

   Tuesday-“kindness/rainbow” day

   Wednesday- Storybook character day.

May 17- Families all Matter (Randy)

May 19-20   CAMP!!!!

May 24 Families all matter (Randy)

May 24  Uli Comes

May 25  6:00 pm Mosaic Show –Common

May 26  Trip to Wazupi Farm with Uli

May 30  NO SCHOOL- memorial day

May 31  Uli Comes

June 3  Portfolio Sharing 8-9 am

June 3  Lake Day  9-1

June 7  Last Day Pancake Breakfast

There’s lots more on the Barton Website about all-school stuff, and I probably forgot something, but whew!  It’s all good, but it’s a busy time!

Core-Sampling Cupcakes

Thanks to Kristi Smith Knutson who stayed up late to make rainbow-layered, allergy free cupcakes so that we could find out how geologists find out what is UNDER the earth without tearing up too much land!  Plus- hello!  Cupcakes! They were yummy.

City Tour

Thanks to Jerri Clark Wagner who arranged a quick city hall tour, to Mark Wagner, who arranged our lunch venue, and to Steve Katkov, who arranged our “top of the skyscraper” view of the city.  Please have your kids pack a lunch and water bottle, or let me know if you will need a school lunch that day.  Wear your BARTON SHIRT!  It’s going to be a wonderful day.

If you volunteered to chaperone, you are hired!  There is no limit to the number of adults we can take on the trip, but if we get more than 12 for both classes, some adults will need to drive along behind the bus!

Camp Volunteers

We especially need shoppers- especially people with Costco memberships.  If this is you, please let us know asap!  We will give detailed lists and directions. 

Thanks- Kristin


Kristin’s Class Homework

May 9, 2016    You know what to do!  Choose some homework ideas to try, and be ready for a spelling test and homework sharing next week.


Spelling Words


























Homework Ideas

*Use your blocks or legos to make a model city.  What buildings will you have?


*Keep collecting rocks and bringing them to school.  What differences to you see?


*Read for pleasure and practice.  Don’t forget about Raz kids!


*Find your Barton tee shirt and get it ready for the city tour!


*Do your own thing!


*Try digging a hole in your garden or sandbox.  Can you find layers in the soil?


*Help plant some flowers or vegetables?  What do these organisms need to survive?


*Write each spelling word three times.  Draw a picture of each one.


*Visit a favorite place in your neighborhood.  Draw a picture!