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6/2/2014 Newsletter
Monday, June 2, 2014 7:20 PM

Dear Families,

This is the last Monday newsletter of the year!  We will be very busy on Monday and Tuesday, finishing up our body reports and putting our portfolios together.  If you have any time to volunteer on Monday and Tuesday I’ll have lots for you to do.

Portfolio Sharing and Shape Up Show- Wednesday

Come to the commons for the Shape Up Show on Wednesday at 7:45.  Your child should be dressed in performance black.  Next, it’s back to 102 for portfolio sharing.  For the first time, students are putting their own portfolios together. They will select work that they believe shows there learning and that they are especially proud of.  You will get to see the portfolios and take them home, along with all other student work on Wednesday.

Pizza Party - Wednesday


Our Pizza Party will be Wednesday, after the Shape Up Show


Lake Day- Thursday

We will leave for Lake Day at 9:30 and return to Barton at 1:30.  Have your child wear his or her camp shirt and a hat or sunglasses.  Put sunscreen on your child at home. Send a lunch and a water bottle.  If you want, we can get a bag lunch at school.

Sue has lots of fun activities planned and the kids will be busy all day.  We (teachers in grades 1-4) respectfully ask that you NOT send money for treats or bring your child to the treat stand during Lake Day. It causes tension and hard feelings among classmates, and the treat stand is way too crowded with the older kids (fifth grade and up) who ARE allowed to bring money.  We will have an icey treat back at school.  (Thanks to Sheila Eldred for the kind offer!)


Last day- Friday

On Friday we will celebrate our last day of school.  In the morning, the first graders will make and serve a pancake breakfast to the second graders. Then, the second graders will reciprocate, of course.  We will spend time doing our favorite things one last time.  At the end of the day, we will clap for our second graders as they walk out the door. Children will have a letter and a little progress report. And that’s the week!


It has been a wonderful year, and I am so sad to say goodbye to our second graders. Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped in the classroom, at camp, arranged our snacks, helped teach kids to read, made the garden, led a math camp, joined a field trip, helped with projects and homework, and got your kids to school every day. You are the best.  Love, Kristin


What will Lake Day be like?

We leave for Lake Day at 9:30 AM.  The program starts at 10:00. It's nice to have some parents walk to the bandshell with the class. 1st and 2nd graders walk as a group and sit together for the program.    The program will start at 10:00 and last about a half hour.  Then we will eat our lunches up on the hill.  Next, parent volunteers will run stations that kids will enjoy- face painting, obstacle courses, karaoke, etc. Even though it's called Lake Day, we don't go in the water, or near the water. When Sue blow the trumpet, everyone gathers for the walk back.  We'll have a popsicle when we get back to school.
What should my child bring?
I would love if everyone wore their camp shirts to Lake Day.  It makes it easier to spot our kids to keep an eye on them and gather them together at the end. If you did not go to camp, I have your shirt at school.  Put sunscreen on your children before you send them to school.  A hat is also a good idea.  Dress for the weather- we will be outside all day. Kids should bring a lunch from home, or can get a bag lunch from Patsy at school.  
How about money for the treat stand?
Not until 5th grade.  There are a couple reasons- It's very hard on the young ones when some kids have money and some kids don't.  They don't think of anything but the treat stand all day long, and forget to enjoy all of the fun activities. The treat stand is also way too crowded- it just doesn't have the capacity to serve all 750 of our kids.  So the 1-2-3-4 teachers all agree ( I went around and asked today) that going to the treat stand should be a privilege for the older kids. We hope that parents who are at Lake Day will respect the rule and save buying things at the treat stand for another day.  We will all have a treat when we get back to the classroom, are hot and tired, and will really enjoy it.  
How do I volunteer?
Call Sue B! She is looking for lots of help.