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8/29/16 Newsletter, Food Survey, Media Form

Dear Families,

     Welcome to the new school year in 102!  It was a wonderful summer but I am very glad that it’s time to start learning with your children again. I’ll be sending a newsletter by email every Sunday night, and in the BEE books on Mondays. In this first newsletter of the year, I’ll tell you some things that are important for you to know right away. First let’s meet the teachers!

From Missy:

     I am a graduate student in the M.E.d./I.L.P. Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature and American Indian Studies from the University of Minnesota. Originally from Carver, Minnesota, I have lived in Minneapolis for several years. In my personal time I enjoy cycling, hiking, and exploring the many adventures Minneapolis has to offer. My position as an AmeriCorps Member at a Family Literacy Program confirmed my decision to pursue teaching as a career. I was fortunate to have completed my practicum in Kristin's class in the spring. This fall I will complete my student teaching with Kristin as my fabulous mentor. The Barton community is very special and I am so glad to be returning, thank you for sharing your children with me!

From Kristin:

     I am entering my 26th year of teaching, and my 13th at Barton.  I have five children- four grown up boys and one daughter, Amanda, who is a senior at South Open in Minneapolis.  Even though we live in Crystal, my kids are all Minneapolis Public Schools graduates, and I am proud to say that 5 of my 6 grandsons are Minneapolis students too!  (The baby will be when he is old enough.)  In my spare time, I love to read, drink coffee, garden, walk, cook, and hang out with the family.  In the summer, I work with teachers who want to learn about the Responsive Classroom approach, which we use at Barton. I’m passionate about progressive education, and am grateful to teach in a school that truly feels like my professional “home.” 

In the Morning

     School starts at 7:30, and kids can arrive any time after 7:15.  If your child needs school breakfast, they should pick it up in the kitchen before coming to class.  If they don’t know where that is, Missy and I will help out until they are secure.  If you arrive after 7:30, your child needs to sign in at the health office before coming to class. 

     As first and second graders, your children are ready to learn to take care of their own things.  We will learn all about using a locker on the first day of school, and practice until it’s easy.  It’s important to empower your children by letting them unpack their own things and hang up their coats and backpacks all by themselves.

     We will always start the day with a “soft landing-“ some choices that will help your child practice a skill, or get ready for the day.  We will start morning meeting as soon as breakfast is in the tummies.  It’s important that all children have the chance to settle in gently- so please be on time!

At The End of the Day

     Missy and I will walk all of the students out to the busses, starting with bus 15 on Colfax, and around the corners until we get to bus 1.  If your child is being picked up, you can meet us at the flagpole on the Colfax side.  For the first week or two, Minneapolis Kids students will walk to the flagpole with the group, and we’ll bring them inside from there. If you are late picking up, we’ll call you from the flagpole if I have your number in my contacts, and from the office if I don’t.  If you would prefer to come into school to pick your child up at class, that’s ok too, but you will need to sign in at the office first. Just come on in to the room and join us for our closing circle to avoid creating a traffic jam in the hallway. 

BEE Books

     We send a folder home DAILY.  This folder is called the BEE book- BEE stands for “bring everything every day.” This newsletter, your homework, practice books, and all kinds of other things come home in the BEE book. You can use the BEE book to send me things too- notes, field trip money, etc.

     There will be days when I send the BEE book empty, but will send it anyway, just because we’re trying to build an “every day” habit.  I’ll check it every day, just in case you sent a note.


     I work hard to respond promptly to texts and emails, but you should know that I really can only look at them while kids are at specialists and after school.  I try to check at the end of the day before I put the kids on busses, but I can’t promise that.  If there are changes I need to know about, as much notice as possible is safest for your child.

     If there is a change to the regular “exit plan,” like a play-date or someone new is picking up, I need to know that in writing.  I will do my best to be flexible, but your children’s safety comes first, and I can’t send them with another parent unless I have a note, email or text from you. The office will not be able to give your child a bus pass without a request in writing. Safety first.

     If you need to talk to me about your child, feel free to let me know by phone, text, or email.  I’d rather know about any issues or concerns right away, so I can put my problem-solving skills into action. Don’t be shy!

School Supplies

I have been shopping for your child’s school supplies all summer, and some things will stay at the store until they are needed.  Since we use shared supplies at Barton, it’s easier on families if I buy in bulk so we have exactly what we need.  If you would like to donate to our room 102 classroom supply fund, the suggested donation is $30.  Please feel free to donate the amount that’s right for you and your family.  The money will be put in the Barton Foundation, and I will turn in receipts and get reimbursed from that fund. 

Food and Media Forms

     In the past few years we have had lots of kids with special needs around food.  I need to know about these right way, so that I can meet those needs.  I also need to know about any special needs around media exposure.  Look for  forms  about Food and Media in your BEE book on Monday, and get them back to me ASAP.  I’m also sending an interest survey to help me know your child better.  Send it back when you can- it will be super helpful!


     Getting back into the school routine is homework enough, don’t you think?  We’ll talk more about homework next week, but here’s a preview:  Homework in 102 will be a menu of interesting choices that will always be optional for your family.


     We are having lunch at 10:10 this year, and will have specialist time soon after.  We feel like there won’t be a need for a snack this year.  If we find we are wrong, we’ll rethink and let you know.


     We have been thinking about how to welcome and inspire our new class all summer! Thanks for trusting us to guide your children through this important and joyful time, and know that we take the job very seriously.


Thanks, Kristin and Missy


Food Survey 2016-17

Kristin and Dawn’s Class


Student’s Name______________________Room #____

Please fill out this form even if the information is on file elsewhere!  Food needs are important and complex- we want to do our best to meet your child’s needs.

What will your child do for lunch?  Home lunch, school lunch or a mix?


Is it ok for your child to have breakfast at school if he or she asks?


Is your child allergic to any food? Details, please!


Are your child’s allergies/special needs on file with the school nurse and school kitchen?_____________


What other food needs does your child have? Be specific, especially list food your child may not eat.



Is it ok to give your child gum? (on occasion, it is helpful for “calming.”)


How about an occasional sucker or other candy treat? 


Are you willing to help support your class’s membership in the fresh fruit and vegetable program?   YES   NO  

The cost is about $80.00 per year for a daily snack, starting October 1. (We will let you know if we decide to participate this year.)         

Thanks!  Kristin and Dawn


Kristin and Dawn’s Class Media Survey



Even though this info may have been collected by the district, it’s important that I have it in my hands right away, so please read and check the appropriate boxes.


Classroom blog, website and Barton YouTube:

_______   Yes, you may publish pictures of my child on the classroom blog, website and Barton Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

_______  NO!  Do NOT publish  pictures of my child on the classroom blog, website and Barton Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.


Barton Yearbook

________ Yes, you may publish photos of my child in the Barton yearbook.

________ No, you may not publish photos of my child in the Barton year book.


Other Media

_______ Yes, if other media (TV, news, district photographers) want to take my child’s photo for possible publication, it’s ok.

______ NO! It’s not ok for anyone from other media to take or use my child’s photo.  Please keep my child’s photo out of all media. 


Sharing with Families

_____It’s OK to share my contact information with families for the purpose of setting up playdates and parties.

_____Please don’t share my contact information with anyone.  Let me know and I will do the contacting.