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9/14/15 Newsletter and Homework
Sunday, September 13, 2015 8:00 PM

Dear Families,

Thanks to all who came to parent information night!  It was a great turnout, and fun to hear Jonas address the community for the first time!  I loved chatting with all of you, and if you couldn’t come, it’s ok- I am always open to questions and comments, and have a packet of info ready- it will be in your BEE books on Monday.


18 families have signed up for goal-setting conferences already!  We are starting next week.  I am sending the form home as your reminder of your time, and so that the 7 families who are yet to sign up can choose a spot.  Either send an email telling me times that work for you, send the sheet in your BEE book back with possible times, or sign up right on the master outside 102.


I’ve had a few kids falling asleep on the floor!  This isn’t unheard of but it isn’t “usual” either.  A nice early bedtime (for Amanda, 7:30 in first and second) can be the key to peace, family happiness and joyful learning at school. 


I will send the volunteer sign up sheet home via the email and BEE book by Tuesday.  If you signed up to volunteer, just show up!  If there are special things you want to do (or not do) send an email.  If you are open to anything, great!  Some people like to have a weekly time- others want to let me know when they are available- it’s all good.  I have a pile of projects waiting and a line-up of kids who would love to read to someone. 

Reading Horizons Assessment

Jonas and Holly went to see the new Reading Horizon assessment given at Burroughs.  They said it was a letter/sound/syllable knowledge assessment and kids seemed happy.   It took most kids about 20 minutes- It will be given to K,1,2 classes at Barton this month.  I will be out of school September 28 and 29 to take the mandatory training for the RH curriculum- Barton parent/reserve teacher Karen Savage will be our guest teacher.  I am not waiting to start reading lessons though!  We have been working on our literacy skills since day one, phonics included! 

This Week

We are going to learn about owls!  Owls are a wonderful metaphor for mindfulness. In our mindfulness study, we have learned three parts of the brain- the amygdala, (the “guard dog” that keeps us safe, but also floods our brains with stress hormones) the hippocampus the “scrapbook” where we keep our memories and deep learning, and the pre-fontal cortex, where our thinking, learning and problem solving happens.  The PFC is the “wise old owl” of the brain.  Calming strategies help our PFCs stay in charge- of course, the best for learning.  It’s an amazing group of kids to learn with!

Thanks, Kristin

Kristin’s Class Homework

September 14, 2015   You know what to do!  Choose some homework ideas to try!  Be ready for homework sharing and a spelling test on Friday. 

Spelling Words
























Homework Ideas

*Learn facts about owls- bring them to class to share.

*Use a dark color to write your spelling words. 

*Flashlight spelling!  Write your words on pieces of paper.  Have one person hide them in a darkened room.  The other person searches with a flashlight.  When you find one, read it!

*Practice counting and skip counting with thinks you find outside, like rocks, sticks and leaves.  Mathematicians love collecting, sorting and organizing,

*Find numbers in the world- practice reading the numbers you see at home and in the neighborhood. 

*Make an inspiration page for your writing folder!

*Bring a small jar with a lid for a project this week. (6-8 oz) - jelly jar, large baby food jar, salsa jar, etc.  Bring an extra or two!

*Do your own thing!

*Go out after dark and notice how the world changes.

*Read for pleasure or practice!