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9/16/2013 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, September 16, 2013 11:15 AM

Dear Families,

Thanks to everyone who came to parent information night! It is always nice for me to sit in a circle with our families and chat about our work for the year. I am happy to have feedback at any other time too, and look forward to the goal setting conferences coming up!

We are already in the fourth week of school! We have been settling into the routines that make our days safe, comfortable and productive. When we have that feeling of security, it’s easier for us to take risks with our learning- to try new things, persist through difficulty, and ask questions. At this time of year we “go slow to go fast.”


Last Week

We did some new learning about ants- fascinating creatures who live in colonies, do their jobs, and follow rules. We also thought about responsibility. We worked to create our class rules that will help us achieve our hopes and dreams.

Our Rules

*Be safe

*Be kind and friendly

*Work hard

*Take care of ourselves, our things, and our space.


Next Week- Prairie Dogs!

The next object of study is the prairie dog- another creature who lives in elaborate tunnels under ground. Our CARES skill will be assertion- the importance of sticking up for yourself and getting your needs met. Prairie dogs are good at that, and so are the people who are looking out for them out west!


MAP Testing

This year both first and second graders will be taking MAP tests. This is a standardized test given in the computer lab. If you have questions about MAP testing, please email, call, or stop by and we’ll chat. The dates are Sept.30 and Oct. 2 for second graders and Oct. 7 and 8 for first graders.


Goal Setting Conferences

Many of you have already chosen your time to have a conference. Bring your children with you - their input is important to the process. If you don’t have your time yet, check the schedule that comes home Monday.

Thanks, Kristin


Spelling Words

(choose 6-20 words to study.)























Homework Ideas

*find some interesting facts about prairie dogs and bring them to school.


*Notice ways that you use math at home. Share them at school the next day.


*Play catch with a tennis ball.


*Read for fun! Share some good stories with a family member.


*Write your spelling words with a stick in some dirt.


*Write each spelling word three times. Draw a pictures of each word you want to learn.


*Do your own thing.


*Make a labeled drawing of a prairie dog town.


*Look for an eagle’s nest with your family. There is one by the 5/8s restaurant.