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9/22/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, September 22, 2014 9:45 AM

Dear Families,

Thanks to all who took such good care of us last week as we adjusted to our new reality.  It seemed like our routine in 102 was returning to normal, with a few extra questions and comments thrown in.  On Friday, we released another bunch of butterflies, and a couple came out of the experience a bit rumpled up.  There were tears from a few kids, and I could see that they hadn’t forgotten about the news of the week after all.  (The butterflies were ok after a little rest on a friendly milkweed plant.) Let’s all continue to be watchful for signs that our kids need help processing their feelings, and if anyone needs help from  an expert, our social worker Trish is on hand to help.

Last Week

We practiced working on our self-control and the concept of main idea and details while we produced amazing Three Bears Pop-up books.  You will see them at our Author’s Tea, if not before!  The kids are very anxious to take them home, but I think they will need a little fanfare.

This Week

As Red Riding Hood meanders down the forest path heading for her fateful meeting with Grandma, we will think about assertion- how does Red keep safe, advocate for herself, and get her needs met?  This is a story with lots of great versions that highlight the importance of independence, bravery and resilience.

Our Rules

A couple weeks ago, we wrote down our hopes and dreams and created rules for our class.  Now we practice thinking together about what our rules look like, sound like and feel like in different places and times.  With practice, we become ethical thinkers!

Our rules are:

  • Have empathy- be kind and respectful

  • Focus on learning

  • Be proud of who you are

  • Learn from our mistakes

  • Keep our room and our world beautiful


We have some standardized testing coming up in October.  All first and second graders will take the MAP tests unless their parents have filled out the OPT OUT (Parent Refusal) form and turned it in to the school office.  This year first and second graders will test together on the computers in 103.  Students who are not taking the test will have an alternate activity with Katie in room 102.  The dates are October 6, 8-9 for reading, and October 8, 12:15-1:15 for math.

The Zones

The Zones of Regulation curriculum was of big help last week as we navigated our feelings. I’ve attached a letter about the Zones and how they work.  

Thanks!  Kristin



Spelling Words







(focus on which way the b and d face)


















Homework Ideas

*Read your book club chapters- be ready for the book club lunch on Tuesday

*Do the family math page attached.

*Make muffins and bring some to someone special.

*Read good fit books- borrow some from school and show off your skills!

*Write your spelling words with big eyes, teeth and ears.

*Carry your lunch to school in a basket.  Put a checkered cloth on it.

*Put an anolog clock on the wall, or put an analog and digital clock together.  Practice telling time.

*Practice balancing outside- play tightrope!  Do the mountain pose!

*Do your own thing.