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9/2/2014 Newsletter, Homework, and Food Survey
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 11:55 AM

Dear Families,


We had a busy week last week as we got to know each other and some new routines.  I could see the little faces growing tired, but trying so hard to hang in there and do all they were asked.  Having been through this before, I know everyone will adjust in a little while.  Until then, we’ll take things slow and easy, and squeeze as much play as we can mixed in with the learning bits.

We read four versions of Cinderella, picked cucumbers, played games, read books alone and together, built with blocks, made pickles, colored and painted, practiced recess, had recess, and practiced for indoor recess.  We found numbers in Cinderella and made the first page of a fairy tale number book.

This Week

We will read “Cinderella” stories from around the world, starting with Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter, a version from East Africa.  We’ll think about our hopes and dreams for the school year and make some class rules that will help us along the way.  Katie and I will also begin the process of finding out where students are with reading  or pre-reading skills through some one-on-one assessment.

Parent Information Night

Thursday, September 4, from 5:45-7:30, you are invited to come to Parent Information Night.  There will be two informational sessions in room 102, where I will share a few things about our class, and then some comments from Paul, our new principal, in the commons.  Somali families can gather a little earlier- in the media center from 5:00-5:45, for a meeting to address special needs and concerns of our Somali students.


You will notice some homework on the back of this newsletter!  Every week you will find 20 spelling words and some homework choices.  Help your child choose between 6 and 20 spelling words to study.  We will all take a spelling test every Friday.  I want this to be a pressure-free as possible, and to assure you that most kids truly enjoy their weekly spelling test.  Most first graders will want to choose the first 6 words, and maybe a couple more that interest them.  Also choose up to 4 homework activities from the menu.  We will share about homework on Fridays.  Some students bring something to show, and some just tell about what they did at home to help them learn.  My belief about homework is that it can provide good practice and a nice link between what we’re learning and home, but it shouldn’t interfere with a sane and happy home life.  

We need:

*Everyone to fill out the “food survey” and “media survey” included in the BEE book this week.

*A volunteer to handle Scholastic Book orders.

*Students to dress in layers- it’s cold in class and warm outside!

Thanks, Kristin and Katie



Spelling Words
























Homework Ideas

*Make a special spot for doing homework in your house.


*Make an “Inspiration Page” that will live in your writing folder.  There is an example in your bee book.  

*Read some fairytales with your family.

*Get outside and get lots of fresh air and exercise.  Playing helps your brain and body grow.

*Practice writing your numbers from one to ten.

*Do your own thing!

*Read for pleasure or practice. You can read by yourself or read with a grown-up.

*Write your spelling words in pumpkin orange.  Make them look covered in vines.

*Create a bedtime routine that will help you feel rested,  Get to bed on time every night.

*Taste some different kinds of pickles.  How do you like them compared to the pickles we made at school?


Kristin and Dawn’s Class Food Survey


We would like to know about any food concerns you may have, even if you have already told the school nurse!  Please fill out the survey below:


1.  Does your child have food allergies that might need medical attention?  If so, please describe, including meds needed.



2.  Are there foods that you don’t want your child to eat, for any reason?  Please tell us about them.



3.  Is there anything else we should be aware of in regard to food?



Thanks!  Dawn and Kristin