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9/6/16 Newsletter & Homework

Dear Families,

We spent our first week learning about each other figuring out our routines, and thinking about how we want to be together.  Our hopes and dreams are written and we have created our class rules.  We read lots of versions of Cinderella, who helped us think about kindness, the importance of quiet places and wearing shoes (and reading books) that fit just right.  Our kind, caring and helpful Open School Community is off to a good start. 

This week is four days packed with powerful play.  We’ll share “3 pigs” stories- the traditional, and variations from many places.  Our mini theme is responsibility:  doing our share, working hard, and being part of team.  While we’re playing with these ideas, Missy, Lisa Lange and I will start listening to students read, and finding out what books are “just right” for independent and instructional reading. 

Just so you know- “normal” first and second graders might be beginning readers, just starting to decode, or hungry, fluent readers, searching for age-appropriate “fat” books that match their passions.  “Open School” is all about finding out where your children are and guiding them forward at a pace that is comfortable and sensitive to their needs as readers. We’ll have lots of helpers in this work.  Reading comes smoothly and quickly for some, and slowly and deliberately for others- however your child learns to read, trust that they’ll get there, and that their needs will be respected along the way. 

Weekend News

Every Monday (or Tuesday this week) our “morning work” will be Weekend News. Your child will write and draw about experiences they had with their families. “I went to the park,” “I saw my grandma,” “We had grilled cheese,” are the kinds of things that are perfect to write.  To help, point out small moments and say, “this would be perfect for your weekend news on Monday!”  Weekend news is a wonderful way to see your child’s growth as a writer.


You will notice on the back of this newsletter is the first “homework” of the week.  Homework in 102 is optional, and meant to help you find ways to connect with our learning at school. The most powerful “homework” for your children is to include them in everyday family experiences- cooking, cleaning, shopping and play- lots of play!


Spelling work in 102 is a way we help your child grow in using “voice and choice” as a learner. Your child will pick between 6 and 20 words to study and be given choices of “how” to learn them. Our Friday test is corrected by Vic Nelson, the King of Spelling! 


It takes family teamwork to get to school on time. It’s been so nice to start our day all together! Thanks for making it happen.  Kristin and Missy.

Kristin’s Class Homework

September 6, 2016    Here are some homework choices for you to try!  Every Friday, we will share about something we did at home that helped with our learning at school.  We will also have a spelling test every Friday.  Have fun!


Spelling Words
























Homework Ideas

*Look through your books for Three Pigs stories.  Bring them to school to share.


*Sing some school songs for your family.


*Be responsible!  Do some chores or help bedtime stay peaceful.


*Choose some spelling words to practice.  Write each one 3 times.


*Show your family how “rainbow spelling” works.


*Do your own thing!


*Play outside all you can.  Look for changes that mean fall is coming.


*Take a walk in your neighborhood.  Count the houses that are made of bricks.  Look for other ways bricks are used for building strong structures.


*Make a quiet place at your house, for times you need to get back to the green zone.