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Toads in Need of a Summer Home

Our classroom fire-bellied toads (2 of them) are in need of a summer vacation home, can you help?  I will be out of town too much this summer.  They really only need watering every several days and crickets once a week - not too much maintenance.

Please let me know ASAP.


Kathy and little green and red friends

Middles Bike Day

Friday is Middles Team Bike day (a trip from here to Nokomis along the parkway).  If the weather report makes Friday look rainy, but Thursday looks better, we will switch the day. The pink permission slip went home on Thursday.  Please be sure they know how their bike is getting to school, know it's in good working order for the ride, and have a helmet to wear on that day.  IF your child needs to borrow a bike for the day PLEASE make sure we know this by Wed. to help make it happen.  We'd love to have you along for the ride, it's a very pleasurable ride along the parkway in our beautiful city.

Portfolio Sharing

Our final Portfolio Share will be on June 7th. Please put this on your calendars, timing is 7:15 – 9:00ish as usual.

204 Contemporary Art Night

Tuesday, 5/18, for a Family 204 Contemporary Art Events night here at Barton.  6:00-7:30ish.  There will be sharing of the work your children have done to date on this year-long study and also several participatory activities for you to enjoy together.


I've been able to give everyone one of the times requested on your
communications to me so far.  Please check over - no need to confirm as
long as it still works for you. If you see a conflict please let me know.

If you're not on the list please try to get on ASAP.

Regarding special request dates:  I can only do later times at school on
Tuesdays or Thursdays because those are the two nights the building is
open late.


Free Tickets!

I forgot in my Friday letter to mention that I had received 20 free tickets for admission to the Science Museum and a Free Night at the Omni(Titanica movie) for Thursday, January 28th.  The movie time is 6pm and according to their calendar this is the last day of that movie.


Gym on Wednesday!

Remember to bring your tennis shoes!

Swimming January 5-7

Swimming January 5-7.  Bring your stuff!

Roller Skating - Thursday, December 17

All students who have completed all assignments will go roller skating Thursday, December 17.  Details/Permisson slip.


Wednesday we have our celebratory 204 "feast" and thank our lucky stars for our great school and each other.  Please come and share this time with us if you are available.

If you are able please discuss your contribution to the feast this weekend we'll make a sign-up chart at school to help us look at the balance.

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