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In the uppers program, students will be evaluated in the following ways:
1.      Parent-Teacher Goal Setting Conferences will take place in the fall. The conferences will be conducted by the student’s advisory teacher and will address all areas of a student's academic and social progress at school. Additional conferences can be arranged with teachers when necessary. Teachers will contact parents/guardians by telephone and parents can request telephone conferences or meetings at school. 
2.    Mid-Quarter Progress Reports will be written or stapled into the students’ planners for each of their courses during the fourth or fifth week of the quarter (see dates below). This grade report is not final and is meant to update parents of student successes and needs. Parents should review the progress reports with their son or daughter and sign the planner along with any comments for the teachers. Students will have three to four weeks of classes before final quarter grades/evaluations are assigned. 
3.    Quarter Progress/Grade Reports will be determined by each individual teacher and sent home by mail. Evaluations for each class will be based on the criteria established for each course using a scale A, B, C, D with 0 representing Fail or Incomplete. The literature circle class will be evaluated Pass/Fail. Semester grades will be recorded on student transcripts by averaging the two quarter grades.
4.    Exhibition/Portfolio Sharing is the final evaluation event for each semester. It is an opportunity for parents to view and discuss the work their son or daughter has completed during the preceding two quarters. Students are asked to share their work portfolios highlighting progress they have made in meeting course expectations and content standards. Teacher and student reflections on learning progress are included in the portfolios.   Exhibition frequently begins with a short program where students share what they have learned through performance opportunities. Following the program, parents/guardians meet with their individual son or daughter in the classroom to review the semester work.