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Book Reports

I am asking you to share one story a month.  You will have many choices about what you read, but sometimes I will ask you to read a certain genre (type or category) of book. 

Book reports are due at the end of each month.  (no book reports due in December or May, book report holidays.)  More detailed directions for the book reports will come home at the beginning of each month.  Below you will find a little preview.  Click on the underlined title for more detailed information.

September: book genre -- your choice
* very short oral book share due on September 22nd through the 26th
October: book genre -- fictional chapter book
*  short written report addressing the elements of fiction written in a booklet we will construct in class.  The reading and writing will be done at home.
November: book genre -- fictional chapter book
* book project will be a front page news format handed out in class
December: Take a holiday from book projects but not from reading
January: book genre -- biography about an African-American person
* book report will be an interview format which involves questions you ask your subject about his or her life and the answers he or she would give based on your reading
February: book genre -- biography of a person of your choice
*  book project will be in the form of a puppet you make of your subject.  You will tell the story of your subject through your pup[pet to the class.  Written report also required.

Due February 23.

March: Share your book choice with an adult that you love!
No report required, only the adult's signature showing you read a book and discussed it with the adult.  A guideline for the discussion and a sign-off sheet will come home.
April: The Last One!
*  book genre -- your choice
*  present your book anyway you wish to the class
*  you'll receive a list of suggestions to help if needed
*  students sometimes work in groups and perform a scene from the story or make movies, draw the characters or scenes, write a letter to the characters, create a song or a poem about the story etc.