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Descriptive Essays - 2007


I lay in my bed, under sheets that are the color of yellow, unbrushed teeth.  They feel silky and snug.  Owen


I place my hand gently on the golden door knob that is as shiny as a bride's wedding day ring.     Jackie

I see clothes covering my carpeted floors like plants on the ground in a rain forest.     Carly

I have two walls that are blue, and not any color blue, but an outstanding California blue!     Liam

As I go further the eerie sound of a plane overhead echoes in my ear.  Sometimes my room explodes with the raging barks of my dog.     Maury

the first thing I hear in my room is the clock ticking like a horse's hooves on stone, but the loudest sound award goes to my sister screaming and pouting like an angry banshee.     Page

In my room I hear cars on Thirty-Sixth Street and Buddy's soft purr all day and night.  During the day I also hear birds chirping and the cries of Olivia, the neighbor's baby.  At night I hear the flapping of bats that live in our bat house.     Sarah

. . . from my open window I hear the rhythm of the traffic, a variety of languages, and volumes of voices from people passing by.     Sydney C.

My room feels like you're in a trash can.  You can feel the dust and filth and just gross stuff.     Peter

Inside my bedroom the voices of Greenday push and shove their way out of my CD player.  Still the rain breaks through the cacophony, mesmerizing me.     Mahalia

Sometimes I hear the throbbing of my dad's radio.     Niklas

If I'm lucky, I'll hear my cat's purring, as soft as a just-bought blanket.     Olivia

A see-through curtain hangs next to my bed.  It feels like sandpaper, and it has sequins the size of quarters and dimes on it.     Ellie

My antique bedside table . . . The color almost looks like someone spilled coffee with cream all over it.     Andrea

Too many colors, too many toys, so little time.     Anita

. . . and then there is my bed.  When I get in I feel like I am lying in the warm, silken chocolate from the middle of a truffle.     Walker

I walk to my door and feel the diamond cut edges of my see-through glass door knobs.  I open my sweet new curtain, and it feels slightly scratchy as the sun rolls in.  My feet rub against the rough but relaxing carpet as I move through my room.     Micah

I hate hearing the lawn mower, which makes me close my window, especially when I am reading a book.     Borna

I have my blue and shiny silver boom box that plays my favorite songs.  They blast out of the speakers like bright sunlight trying to creep past my shades in the morning.     Sydney C-W.

The windows reveal my soccer net and grass that's as green as an Irish marching band.     Walker A.

It seems like a million marble eyes are watching your every move.  Silently through the dark and endless night.     Maya

I can also see the bright green grapevines clinging onto the arbor as they crawl up my windows.  The afternoon sun peeps through the holes that the grapevines make.     Hannah

In my room I can hear car doors shutting like a stapler.  I can hear planes flying overhead sounding like someone is yelling at me.  When it is raining, it sounds like someone is tapping lightly with a pencil on wood.    

On my bed is a raven-colored blanket that has little deer printed on it.  Then all I see is PINK.  All of my room is a pale, almost white-pink, I hate the color!     Min