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February 8, 2008

Friday February 8, 2008 Told by: Clark, Ilhan, Wesley, Cedar, Eli Media: In media we are doing power point presentations. We are learning how to put together a presentation about Japan. Each person is working on their own Japanese topic like, pets, Olympics, Origami, mountains... at the end each person will have their own presentation. Reading: We are reading Jane Gibbs. This is a true story about a girl who is "kidnapped" by a Missionary family. This book is based on a true story. The girl, Jane, doesn't realize she isn't going to see her family again, she thinks she is on a vacation. This book takes place in Minnesota near Fort Snelling. Math: We are doing multiplication. Timed multiplication tests and partial products (partial products is a way to do multiplication in your head). We are also doing math packets 1 and 2. A math packet is 5 or 6 double sided pages of math problems. Science: We are working on the Human body and just dissected owl pellets (owl pellets are owl up chucks) they contain all the stuff an owl can't digest. Some of the stuff we found were bones and fur of rats. In human body we learned 20 of the most important bones. There are 206 bones total babies have more than that but then some of the bones fuse together as you grow up. Field Trip: We went to the Ordway theater on Wednesday and watched some dancers who were really flexible. We watched four different dances. One was an African dance, one was sad - the music and the way they moved-, one was an Indian, and one was techno/ballet. Writing: We are learning how to write essays. We are stating on opinion then backing it up with three stories. The parts of our essay are: the Introduction that sates our opinion, three stories to support our opinion, and then a conclusion that states our opinion in another way.