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Friday Letter written by the students of 218
Pencil Game
November 16, 2007 Math We continued to run our businesses in 218 Town.  Each business has  two or three  employees and they alternate between running the business and buying from other businesses each day.  When buying, we look through a catalog at items for sale and decide what we want to buy.  The seller then adds up the total and gives us our change.  When we run out of money to buy things, we go to the bank for "payday."  We are then given $150.00 to shop with. Writing This week for Writer's Workshop we learned techniques for making our stories more detailed like writing from "inside a memory," writing whatever comes to mind for 20 minutes without stopping and elaborating by adding one new sentence for every sentence already written.  Some people are having a lot of fun with it. Reading Everyone finished their Lit. Circle books this week ( Chocolate Fever, Shiloh, Ralph S. Mouse, Bunnicula, The Bad Beginning, Stone Fox).  James has been reading a book to us called, "The City of Ember."  It's about a girl and a boy trying to figure out how to save a whole city by themselves.  We will have "free choice" reading next Monday and Tuesday since we are between groups.  Students may want to bring a book from home.  Lit. Circles will resume after Thanksgiving break. Science We began science class this week.  We are making paper chains which represent foodchains.  An example would be Sun - Sunflower - Hampster - Snake - Vulture - Worms. Reminders Next week is a two day week! Sell those raffle tickets! Begin that homework project! Have a great weekend! Written by Gabriella and Rebecca after school because we forgot to do it during class today.  Oops. November 9, 2007 MATH     We opened 218 Town on Wednesday.  We have been keeping bank accounts to keep track of our money.  218 Town is about handling money, learning how to add and make change and keep track of money.  People are also paying their water, electric, and gas bills as well as rent. WRITING     We learned to make time lines to organize and focus our writing.  We also learned how to pretend that we are in the story to help us think of details.  READING     We have still been reading Chocoloate Fever, Shiloh, Bunnicula, Stone Fox for literature circles.  Discussions are getting faster as we talk about what we thought about the book and ask questions about it.  Some people have been reading other books like The New Way Things Work (such as the inner workings of a zipper and a plow), and Jack and the Beanstalk. MEDIA     We are working on book reports and most of us our done.  When we are finished we are using a computer program called Pixie to make drawings and pictures and all kinds of stuff like that.  Our book reports are about Daisy Head Mazy, by Dr. Seuss, Specials, by Scott Westerfeld, Olive, by Ian Falconer.                                                               Written by: Cedar, Cori, Liban Other News:         Barton is raffeling off a very fine and beautiful rug as a fundraiser.  All of the 218 Students will be bringing home a packet with 20 tickets to sell.  By law all of the tickets must be accounted for.  That means if a ticket is unsold it must be returned with the money.  Door to door selling is frowned upon because of safety concerns.  Sell tickets to friends, family, and neighbors that you know.     Next week we will be switching specials.  Our new special is Science. November 2, 2007 MATH     We have made a town to practice making change, and handling money.   It is called "218 Town."  We have been working on store fronts, catalogues, making signs, and making it possible so we can have 218 Town.  Hopefully we can have the grand opening on Tuesday if we get everything finished.  We also learned about coin equivalencies.  For example two quarters equal fifty cents.  Math boxes continue in the mornings. WRITING     We made our final draft of our story.  They will be published on our website for those who would like their story displayed. READING     We just finished "Wayside school gets a Little Stranger."  We started a new book called "The City of Ember."  So far Doon and Lina are the main characters.  They just got their jobs and they live in an underground city.  MEDIA     In media we are writing about our favorite authors on the computers.  We are writing down the author's techniques such as simily, onomatopoeia, repetition, alliteration, and dialogue, short and long sentances.  It's fun.                       wrtten by Charlie W., Sophie, Paige, Eli ****REMINDERS FOR NEXT WEEK****          Tuesday is picture retakes -- bring in old, unwanted picture, or check for new order.      Fall Options start on Wednesday from 12:50-1:35         Friday February 8, 2008 Told by: Clark, Ilhan, Wesley, Cedar, Eli Media: In media we are doing power point presentations. We are learning how to put together a presentation about Japan. Each person is working on their own Japanese topic like, pets, Olympics, Origami, mountains... at the end each person will have their own presentation. Reading: We are reading Jane Gibbs. This is a true story about a girl who is "kidnapped" by a Missionary family. This book is based on a true story. The girl, Jane, doesn't realize she isn't going to see her family again, she thinks she is on a vacation. This book takes place in Minnesota near Fort Snelling. Math: We are doing multiplication. Timed multiplication tests and partial products (partial products is a way to do multiplication in your head). We are also doing math packets 1 and 2. A math packet is 5 or 6 double sided pages of math problems. Science: We are working on the Human body and just dissected owl pellets (owl pellets are owl up chucks) they contain all the stuff an owl can't digest. Some of the stuff we found were bones and fur of rats. In human body we learned 20 of the most important bones. There are 206 bones total babies have more than that but then some of the bones fuse together as you grow up. Field Trip: We went to the Ordway theater on Wednesday and watched some dancers who were really flexible. We watched four different dances. One was an African dance, one was sad - the music and the way they moved-, one was an Indian, and one was techno/ballet. Writing: We are learning how to write essays. We are stating on opinion then backing it up with three stories. The parts of our essay are: the Introduction that sates our opinion, three stories to support our opinion, and then a conclusion that states our opinion in another way.