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HOMEWORK for 5th and 6th Grade
Almost every Monday you will have a list of spelling/vocabulary words and exercises that help you learn word meanings and how to use them correctly.  We will do most of the work in school, but you will spend some time at home reviewing or finishing what you didn't complete in class.  Study all twenty of your words, their meaning and how to use them in a sentence as frequently as needed.  The actual spelling test consists of only five out of the twenty words, randomly chosen.  You will correctly use each of the five words in a sentence.  We will also correct spelling homework on Friday.  We don't have spelling when we have four-day weeks.   We rely heavily on parent volunteers to make the spelling groups work.
Many of our middles' students will be changing classes for math.  We are offering math at three different levels to accommodate the diverse math needs of our students. Becky and I teach 6th grade math.  I will have many of my homeroom 6th graders for math.  Matt and Kathy teach 5th grade.  Katrina teaches accelerated math students.  In my math class I will give math homework when it makes sense.  It is due the following day.  All math tests and quizzes must be returned to class with a parent signature.  This work is kept in each student's portfolio.
There will also be many writing assignments that you will work on both at school and home.  Always remember to SKIP LINES on all of your rough drafts.  This leaves room for changes that you make and for feedback from peer editors or me.  If you don't skip lines, you will have to redo your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

In my writing program, we do what I refer to as five different kinds of writing.  You will probably hear about these Five Type of Writing from your child, so I want to briefly explain them.  Please click on the WRITING title above for more information.

Red books of your choice at home every day.

Sometimes your Literature Circle may decide that the group will do some reading at home.  Lit Circles will not begin until October.  We will begin our first novel Julie of the Wolves together in class.