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Homework in rooms 102 and 104

Academic choice is an important part of our educational approach at Clara Barton Open School. Choices are also part of the homework experience in Dawn’s and Kristin’s classes.

On Mondays you will receive a spelling list of 20 words. This list starts with beginning pattern words and high-frequency words, and ends with vocabulary words that relate to out theme. Help your child choose between 6 and twenty words to study. We’ll have a spelling test every Friday.

On the same homework document you will find a number of homework choices that connect to our theme. We’ll include a Family Math game, some reading, some spelling suggestions, etc. Choose up to four homework activities. We will have homework sharing on Fridays. Students may share homework they brought in, or simply tell about something they did at home that helped their learning at school.

Twice a year we’ll assign an extended project to be completed at home and shared with the class. Each will come with extensive instructions. Students who can’t do the projects at home can get help to do their projects at school,

Book Clubs:
Three times a year, starting in November, we’ll offer a choice of chapter books to be read aloud at home and discussed during book club lunches at school.

We hope that children and parents read together every day. We are looking for resources to provide books that can travel from school to home.

Why homework?
We realize that in first and second grade, children can’t do homework without family support. Choices can make the homework experience as pleasant and motivating as possible. We put thought into homework choices that will help parents connect to their child’s school life and create pleasant, authentic opportunities for skills practice. However, if homework interferes with a sane and happy family life, feel free to make adjustments that are right for you. Give yourselves credit for the life experiences you provide for your child every day; sports practice, music lessons, cooking, shopping, playing games and ond other family activities are valuable too.