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Barton Leadership Council

The Barton Leadership Council is comprised of parents and staff members who meet once or twice a month to identify school improvement priorities, guide overall staffing, program and budget decisions, plan and implement fundraising activities, and encourage broad participation from all members of the school community.

The Council’s official MPS-required by-laws and, perhaps more important, a description of the traditions that guide our Council can be found here.   Read the 2017-18 Council Contract for all members.

Council meetings are held on one Thursday each month from 4:30-6:30 PM in the Media Center. See the Barton School Calendar for specific dates and times.  ***All meetings are open to any member of the Barton community.***

Agenda planning takes place the week prior to each scheduled Thursday meeting.  If you have a question, issue or concern that you would like the Council to address, please contact a representative on the Council or the principal.  If you are looking for Council meeting notes, agendas or news from previous years, please look under the Archives section on the right.



The Leadership Council spends part of each meeting in small groups in order to delve more deeply into topics key to Barton's values. All members of the community are welcome to attend these sessions. 

Have an idea you'd like to get launched? Want to get involved in one of the groups? Have questions about something related to one of the topics? Please contact the liaison(s) for that group:


Contact: Sheila Eldred

  • Mission: To increase opportunities for enhancing growth and development in the social/emotional, physical, and environmental health of the community.



Contact: Kate Guin

  • Mission: Support Barton financially
  • Headline: To connect talent and funds, with needs and aspirations
  • Goal:  120,000


Equity and Engagement:

Contact: Kate Rush

  • Mission: To ensure that all staff, families, and children feel welcomed and a strong sense of belonging to the Barton community.
  • Headline:  Listening and Learning.  This was a year of Barton Talks about what equity can look like, sound like, and feel like at Barton.

Progressive Education: 

Contact:  Kristin Sonquist

  • Mission : To educate new families and staff about progressive education. 
  • Headline:  All parents should be able to define and support what open and progressive education means for their child.  


Leadership Council Minutes - May 10, 2018

Please find minutes from the May 10th Leadership Council meeting attached!

April 12th Meeting Minutes
Leadership Council Minutes - April 12, 2018

Please find minutes from the April 12th Leadership Council meeting attached!

LC Minutes - March 8
Leadership Council Minutes - March 8, 2018

Please find minutes from the March 8th Leadership Council meeting attached!

LC Meeting Notes
Leadership Council Minutes - Feb. 8, 2018

Please find minutes from the February 8th Leadership Council meeting attached!

LC Meeting Notes
Leadership Council Minutes - Jan. 11, 2018

Please find minutes from the January 11th Leadership Council meeting attached!

LC Notes Dec. 14
Leadership Council Minutes - Dec. 14, 2017

Please find minutes from the December 14th Leadership Council meeting attached!

LC Minutes
Leadership Council Minutes - Nov. 9, 2017

Please find minutes from the November 9th Leadership Council meeting attached!

LC Minutes
Leadership Council Minutes - Sept. 7

Please find minutes from the September 7th Leadership Council meeting attached!

First Council Meeting ~ Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! Just a few notes before our meeting on Thursday:

* Kate is coordinating childcare; we also need a volunteer to coordinate food for meetings. Any takers? We will have pizza on Thursday - bring a treat to share if you'd like!

* Thursday's agenda:

4:30 Mindfulness, welcome and Introductions (Diane and Maria)
4:45 Principals' Report (Diane and Maria)
5:15 Working Groups (Sheila and Patty, then all)
5:45 Barton Foundation budget update (Tom, Markus, Eric, and Diane and Maria)
6:30 End


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