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October 26, 2007

We started a money unit this week.  We are making a town and it's called "218 Town."  Yesterday we started writing our job applications.  We decided what stores we are going to include in our town. 

We have been editing and revising our stories this week.  We are also doing cursive practice, and continue to do spelling practice. 

We finished Henry Huggins and signed up for our new literature circle books.  We have a few options including Shiloh, Chocolate Fever, Stone Fox, A series of Unfortunate Events, Bunnicula, Stuart Little, and Ralph S. Mouse. 

Wednesday was our last day of art.  We made puppets.  We cut out foam heads and covered them in plaster, then plastered them on a stick.  We then painted them and glued felt on for the body.  Then we decorated them and added hands and feet made out of plaster balls.  When were all finished we practiced our drawing skills by drawing our puppets.

              Written by Zakarea, Olivia, and Lily

October 12, 2007

We are doing rounding.  We are keeping up with our math boxes every morning and our problem of the day.   We are also working on place value  and reading big numbers like a thousand, a million, a billion, and on and on and on up to a google.   Rebecca wrote a google on the board.  A google is a one followed by 100 zeros. 

We have been writing our cursive letters.  We are still working on our stories with detail and giving our stories a good ring so they sound good.  Our stories are called When I flew Ten Feet, My Great Grandma Ruth, A bike ride to Tin Fish, and When my Little Brother was First Born.  We do spelling Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thrusday and the spelling test on Friday. 

We are still reading Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary in literature circles.  Some of us have been listening to reading tapes and following along in the book.  Today in Henry Huggins we read up to page 119. In Wayside School is Falling Down...somebody forgot to take off their motorcycle helmet in school so Mrs. Jewls could not understand them.  Rondi grew two new front teeth, and James called Bebe "bebay."

We started our new rotation, art, this week.  We are making really filled in pictures of people.  We want to draw it and use the lines and the colors to show expression.  Chloe, from St. Olaf has been teaching us.

This week we have been swimming at the YMCA.  The people that know how to swim like to drop a swimming brick down to the bottom of the pool and then you swim down and go get it.  It's really hard because there is all this weight.  You have to do a test to go in the deep end.  You have to tread for thirty seconds and then you float on your back for ten seconds and then tread for ten more seconds.  If you pass you can go in the deep end because you can float and swim and tread.  It is easy for some people, not so easy for others.  The deep end is nine feet deep. 

            written by Martin, Gabriella, Olvivia, Blake

NOTE: Next week there will be no spelling or homework due to the shortened week. 

October 5, 2007

This week we learned a new game called "101 and Out."  Everyone has also finished their clock packets.  We've continued on math boxes.  They usually have addition, multipilication, subtraction, and problem solving.  Usually the first problem involves base ten blocks. 

We started a book called "Wayside School is Falling Down."  It is about a school that has thirty stories with one classroom on each story.  So it is very tall and skinny.  There are thirty chapters as there are thirty stories.   We also read a poem by William Blake called the Tyger (Tiger).  We started literature groups with a book called Henry Huggins.  It is about a boy who meets a dog and they have adventures.  He named the dog Ribsy.  In literature groups everbody has a different job.  During the story when they find an important part or a word they don't know or a question about the story they put a post-it note with a ?, !, "Word."  

We have done more cursive this week adding the letters C,D,A, and G.
We have continued witing stories without using past-tesnse summaries.  We are trying to add more details.  We want detailed seed stories not watermellon stories.  We have been working on writing a good lead sentance. 

Today in music we watched a movie called Beathoven lives upstairs.  Beathoven was deaf and couldn't hear.  He could only hear the music in his head.  He keeps playing and playing inside his head and he makes a lot of thumping sounds.  We have also been singing Turn the Glasses Over while playing xylophones, tone bells, bass, glockenspiel.  We have also been singing "Like a Mighty Stream," and all of the songs we wrote about in last Friday's letter. 

                  written by Wesley, Saara, Thomas, Savati

***REMINDER  BRING SWIMSUITS ON MONDAY, WE ARE SWIMMING*** (call a friend and remind them too)