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Rebecca Till -- Room 216

Welcome to Room 216. I am glad you are here. I am excited to be part of a school that allows children to learn and grow in a supportive and nurturing environment. We encourage development of both knowledge and self confidence, and I will use a variety of teaching techniques that encourage learning in different ways.

End-of-Year Update ~ 5/23/18

Hello Parents,
*I always panic this time of year - so much to do!! The most difficult unit to complete between now and portfolio share on June 6th will be our Greek mythology inspired quest stories.  The stories can be typed or hand written, comic book style or paragraph style, however students wish to write them. Many expressed an interest in working on them at home today when we were brainstorming ways to make finishing this project easier. Please ask your student if they would like to work on their story at home between now and June 5th!
*Our plant sale pizza lunch will be this Friday. (Finding pizza delivery at 10:15am during our normal lunchtime would be very difficult. Scheduling our pizza lunch during swim week makes more sense because we don’t eat lunch until 11:45am). Each student will get two slices of pizza. Feel free to send a drink to school as well as a fruit or vegetable. We will schedule our plant sale ice cream treat for sometime next week.
*The last three permission slips for the year will be sent home tomorrow: Lake Day June 6, Crystal Cave June 7 and Como Zoo June 8
*I asked the teacher who will be replacing me at Barton, Melissa Favero from Burroughs, to come to our portfolio share to meet the 3rd graders and their parents. She is able to come from 7:45 to 8:15 that morning.
* I’m sure I am forgetting something…

Thank you as always,