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September Newsletter


Dear Families
It is great to begin the school year with your child!  The focus for the beginning weeks is making friends, building community, bus safety, the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, and classroom routines.

Achieving Hopes and Dreams
We have been discussing the children’s hopes and dreams for our school year.   Yesterday we discussed behaviors that will make our hopes and dreams happen.  Our classroom rules evolved out of this discussion.

Daily Routine
Each day we have a morning meeting at circle.  This meeting has four components:  we gather in a circle and greet each other.  We do this in a variety of ways.  This week we are learning each other’s names and making eye contact.  The second component of morning meeting is sharing.  We will begin sharing the seek of September  21.   Children will share approximately every two weeks.  Children need to print their name on the sharing sheet at least a day before they share.  The main emphasis on sharing is learning to be a good listener, who will ask an interesting question or give a kind comment.  We ask that your child NOT bring toys.  We encourage children to share an activity or experience they’ve had, a book, or a nature item for our discovery table.  A third component of morning meeting is an activity, a song or a game.  The last part of morning meeting is news and announcements, reading the morning message, and calendar activities.

Minimum Materials
When you visit us you will notice that our classroom has a minimum of materials out and available to the children.  You may see some paper covering shelves, with a sign that says “Coming Soon!”  The reason for this minimalism is that the children will practice using materials carefully before they have access to them.  In the first few weeks of school, I will be helping them discover all they can do with the materials, and how we can take good care of them so they will last all year.  All supplies will be used and taken care of by all so we can build a learning community through sharing.

Each class sees a specialist every day.  Currently the AM class has science with Sue, and the PM class has music with Jay.  The specialists’ schedule was sent home last Thursday and is listed on the web calendar.  Please save it to refer to throughout the year, and please have your child wear gym shoes during our gym rotations.

Bus Tags
Kindergartners must have their bus tags on their backpacks every day!   I must have written notice if your child’s transportation from school is to change, even for one day!  Please pin a note to your child’s clothing so that I don’t miss it.  Even the most responsible child can forget to give me a note.  Your child’s safety is a primary concern.

Visiting the Classroom
Parents are always welcome in our room, although I ask the parents to wait until the third week of school before visiting the classroom.  It helps us to establish routines.

We would appreciate donations of snacks for our snacktime.  If each family donates a box of crackers once a month, we will have enough snacks throughout the year.  Birthday treats may be sent on your child’s birthday, or on your child’s half-birthday, if your child has a summer birthday.  Please send only prepackaged items, purchased at the store, so that we are in compliance with health codes.

The best way to leave me messages is through my voice mail:  668-9242.  I check messages at the end of each school day.  If you need to get a message to me before the end of the school day, leave a message with office personnel.  

Self Portrait
Look for your child’s self-portrait,  and please make sure to sign up for goal-setting conferences at parent info night.  I encourage your child to attend the goal-setting conference with you.

I look forward to working with you and your child this year.