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Suggestions and Ideas for Pages

  • Add pictures of projects, activities, and field trips for interest. You can collect them from the teacher or other parents who are in the classroom regularly. If you're posting pictures (of kids and/or their work), check with the teacher to make sure they've got media release forms back for all the kids. (I've asked Steve if we can get a central list of those since there's crossover for specialists, field trips, etc.) 
  • Add a class photo. If you have time, offer to drop by the classroom with a camera (check with the teacher to see when a good time would be). Having a class picture or photos of kids working in the classroom on the main page makes it seem much more lively. Note that in the new system you can upload several pictures and set it to rotate through them so that each time someone visits the page they'll see a different picture.
  • Post all documents you get. It's best if the teacher will email electronic versions to you. If that's the case, it's best to convert them to PDFs to post (there's a link to a free online PDF converter on the training page). If you just get a hardcopy, scan it. Note that you can also use your digital camera or smartphone to photograph it (and then crop) with comparable results -- be sure to reduce it to a manageable size before posting.
  • Ask your child what's going on in the class that's interesting and write a little announcement / news item about that.
  • If your teacher sends out a newsletter, post the newsletter and pull out important bits and post them as announcements. It may seem redundant, but then people have a place to go if they lose it, didn't get it, or forgot when something important is happening. This also helps the web pages become the historical record of what's happened -- which can be surprisingly useful later in the year.
  • Add all important classroom dates to your calendar (due dates, field trips, etc.). You can even promote the School Calendar so that it appears on the sidebar of your class calendar if you wish.
  • Use the Announcements section to write news articles that link to new items you post throughout the year.
  • If your teacher collaborates with other teachers on projects, talk to those volunteers (see the volunteer assignments doc on the training page) and link to the information on the other teacher's pages. No need to recreate it.
  • Take a look at the Teacher Info doc on the training page to get ideas for organizing your content.
  • Look at other pages to get ideas -- you can even look at what's done at some other schools.