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Web Training

This section is for training parent web volunteers

PDF Barton Web Site Setup   --  Description of how classroom pages should be set up each year.
PDF Barton Teacher Info Document (PDF)   --  Description of content needed for each of the standard classroom sections.
document Barton Teacher Info Doc (Word Doc)   --  Editable version of the Teacher Info Doc.
Helpful Links
Classroom / Teacher Pages

Most classroom pages should be set up following the standard format as closely as possible. Details...

We've created a basic template for what the main sections should be for most classroom pages.  All classes except the Uppers have been set up with the standard sections.  You might want to go ahead and set those up for your teachers and then slot additional content they have into those areas (see the teacher info document for examples).  It's okay if you don't follow the template exactly, but it will be helpful if you can try to come fairly close.  The idea is that it'll be easier for people to navigate the site if there's some level of consistency between the classroom pages.  The basic classroom sections are:
  • Announcements
  • Class Calendar
  • Assignments
  • Student Activities
  • Class Information
  • About the Teacher
  • Archives


Using Web Browser Tabs

Most modern web browsers give you the option to use tabs.  Basically this lets you have one browser window multiple web pages open at the same time in different tabs.  Under the File menu, choose New Tab.  This is particularly helpful when editing the web site since it lets you have the Admin interface open in one tab and have the live site up in the other.  Then you can flip back and forth between them refreshing the page on the live site to see how it looks after you make the edits in the Admin interface.

Pasting in Text

In most cases, you should be entering (or pasting in) text without formatting -- or with minimal formatting.  The idea is that the style sheets for the web site determine what the text for certain things looks like (titles, body, summary, menus, etc.).  If you're pasting in text from Word or some other document, it may include the formatting.  To strip out the formatting, use one of the buttons on the toolbar above the body or summary boxes.  There are options to paste as plain text (preferred) or paste from Word.  You can also select text and then click the eraser icon to remove the formatting.

Adding Announcements

Adding announcements (news items) on your web pages is fast, easy, and is something you should try to do on a regular (at least weekly) basis.  It can be a weekly newsletter format, an announcement about an upcoming field trip or assignment (also put it on the class calendar), or just a quick "here's something cool we did in class today" item.  Whatever.  It makes your web pages more interesting, keeps people engaged, and helps communicate what's going on.  Step-by-step instructions...


In 2012 the school district changed all of the main school calendars to Google Calendars.  If you wish to use a Google Calendar for your classroom pages, please email to get one set up for you.  Or you can use the built-in calendar.

If you add field trips and other events on your calendar, it's a good idea to include links to permissions forms and other relevant information in the event details so that it's easy for people to find.

Image Gallery Tips

There are lots of different approaches to creating image galleries, but there are a number of things you can do to make the process more efficient.  Read more...

Don't have a scanner?

Use a digital camera or smartphone instead!  You can use either a scanner OR a digital camera to create images of all those flyers and things that come home in backpack mail to post on the teacher pages.  Either will create nice crisp images.  If you use a camera, be sure to crop out the excess portions and then reduce the size of the image down to something manageable before posting it (maybe 1200 x 900 pixels or so). There are a number of smartphone apps out there that let you "scan" a document and convert it to a PDF.

Web Browsers

Most web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) will work fine for using the system to edit the Barton web site.  However, if you run into problems with some function, you might try using a different browser to see if that helps.  Sometimes certain functions work in one browser but not another, and since both the system and the browsers are constantly being updated, you can never be sure which one is the best choice.

Using HTML

If you have some experience using HTML, you can add your own HTML code on pages if you wish.  Most basic HTML tags and even some CSS will work!  Just click the Source button when editing an item to edit the HTML for the page.

Shortcut URLs
If you change the Shortcut URL for a page, it's possible to confuse the system.  If you change Shortcut URLs, read more...