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     Welcome to Room 114 All Day kindergarten!  My name is Kate Glasenapp.  You will all be calling me Kate but you pronounce my last name "glass-snap".  I am excited to meet all of you!  I look forward to a fun, energetic school year full of lots of learning.  We will all get acquainted during one of the "Meet Your Teacher" events in August and of course as we start our year of kindergarten together!  We start our class year with lots of "getting to know you activities" and games and songs as a part of the social curriculum program that all grades at Barton use, called Responsive Classroom.  The first six weeks of school we really learn about each other, the classroom/ school rules and classroom routines.  This is our foundation for the whole school year and allows us to move on to meeting all the student's learning needs.

     I send out weekly classroom newsletters, every Wednesday with classroom news upcoming important dates and classroom needs such as materials as well as requests for parent volunteers!  This gives you some idea what the class has been doing all week and offers good information when asking your child, "What did you do today in school?"  I do not usually give kindergartners homework.  In the all day kindergarten format, children have worked hard all day at school and they are often tired!  I tell students their homework is to go home and be a kid!  Do something fun with their family, go outside enjoy nature, or teach your family a song we learned in school! All of these topics will be discussed more at Parent Informatiom Night (Sept.2, 2010)

For those of you wondering what you should be doing this summer to get ready for kindergarten?  Have a wonderful, fun summer with your child, keep reading to them and towards the middle of August start watching that bedtime routine.  Barton's early start time (7:30 AM!)  means most kindergartners go to bed by 7:30 pm at the latest, this can be a shock for the whole family!  A gradual introduction of a new early bedtime and really early wake-up seems to work the best .

I look forward to meeting you all in August and I will send a letter in mid August to with more information!

                                                                See you then!