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A message of thanks to the Barton community from Steve DeLapp...
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 3:30 PM


When the architects worked with us roughly fifteen years ago to design an addition to Barton School, they spoke to the need we had as a K-8 school to have a place where we could come together as a whole community. They used the expression “we need a community heart” and thus this Commons was created for us right in the center or the heart of the school. To have my name connected to such a place is a deep honor.

My sincere thanks to Superintendent Johnson, Associate Superintendent Theresa Battle, our Board of Education and to Patrick for being so supportive of this endeavor. I also want to express my most caring and personal thanks to our Barton Leadership Council and to parent David Curle for proposing such an idea in the first place.

With my name now attached to the Commons, let me share some images for how I’d like you to think about the space when you gather together. First, please know it’s become much more than simply the physical center or heart of the school. I encourage you to always think of the Commons, metaphorically, as the emotional, social and intellectual center of the school community. What frequently takes place here affirms the vibrant and joyful learning spirit of Barton Open...dancing, singing, sharing poetry, presenting learning in many different ways, caring for each other, demonstrating deep respect for the differences among us, and celebrating our common humanity.

My fondest memories as principal at Barton will always be connected to the energy, the vitality and joyfulness of students and teachers sharing and interacting together in this space. What a wonderful honor it is for me to have my name linked to our Commons.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Steve DeLapp