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Room 114 Announcements
Kindergarten News - April 15, 2015
Friday, April 17, 2015 7:55 AM
                                                                  April 15, 2015
Room 114 families,
      We finished up the paper science unit yesterday with the children making paper, really more like recycling toilet tissue and colored tissue paper with just a pinch of glitter.  Ask you child how long they had to shake the paper pulp in the plastic bottle. We practiced paper folding with our Big Buddies last Friday by making origami fish. 
     Next week we will start a new math unit on measurement.  The children will practice measuring classroom objects with non –standard units of measurements.   Students will also order objects by length and use the terms “longer and shorter than” to compare the length of classroom items.
     We will start our seed and plant unit in science.  Our first project is making an egghead.  The children will draw a face on an eggshell and fill it with dirt and plant grass seed.  As the grass seed sprouts the egghead grows “hair”.  We will also grow bean seeds at school.  
    This week in Writers Workshop I used the example of stretching a small moment out by reading the story, The Kissing Hand”.  This week the children will write about something they did with a family member.  Students are working on telling a story across pages as they stretch it out by adding more descriptive details.
     Student Author Night is this Thursday.  I have included the piece of work from your child’s writing folder if they asked to read school writing on Thursday night.  Eight brave kindergarteners from our class will be reading their own work that evening… best of luck!
     We have a tornado drill at school on Thursday afternoon.
We are treating our Big Buddies to bagels on Friday morning.  The uppers are just finishing up part of the standardized testing and the bagels and juice are a thank you for being our Big Buddies this year.  Friday will also be our first field trip to the Ordway to see the Diavolo Dance Theatre.  The whole school is going so it should be fun and we will write about the show in our journals, when we get back from the show.
     Our last day of media is on Thursday and we start science with Sue B. on Friday.
     Registration for Summer School is included in today’s folder.  If we discussed summer school at our last conference I have sent an application home in today’s folder.  Please check the information listed and correct if necessary and sign and return to Kate as soon as possible.
     Thanks to families sending in snacks and thanks to families sending in the Zoo Field trip permission slips and fees!
Star Student this week:  Liam Burow
Star Student next week:  Aurora Silpala
Thanks to the Saez/Weston family for washing the class water bottles and snack cups.
Dear parents,
Wednesday, April 8, 2015 7:55 AM
I have to tell you what an amazing group of children I have this year!  The math, science and writing work today just took my breath away!  They are so focused and really getting good at self monitoring.  As I took a group of six to do paper science experiments the rest of the class navigated through math stations, did the work, cleaned up and moved to new stations like a well oiled machine!  It was nothing short of remarkable!  In Writers Workshop they all wrote and drew for over 3o minutes!  They gave compliments and suggestions to fellow writers.  Never have I had such a group of children who support each other in such kind ways.  You have all done an amazing job as parents and I can not believe how lucky I feel to be there teacher!  This isn't meant to sound overly sentimental but I believe they are such a very special group!  Just had to share my thoughts with you about your special kids!  
Best, Kate
Kindergarten News - April 8, 2015
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