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Room 20 Announcements 2011-2012
Taming of the Shrew

A number of students performed in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew directed by Flory on May 23, 2012.  See the program...

Spoken Word Competition

For the first time ever, Barton will be sending teams to the annual Spoken Word competition in Minneapolis on April 21. Read more on the Information and Permission form.

See the MN Spoken Word Association flier (pdf).

Week of December 12th-16th, 2011



  • Final sharing of projects for "Harrison Bergeron"
  • Vocabulary word - dystopia
  • Homework: Short essay per prereading questions for "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers"


  • Discussion of short essays
  • Vocabulary word - utopia
  • Vocabulary game per "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers"
  • Activity with "poise" per said short story selection


  • Vocabulary word - empathy
  • First reading of "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers"
  • Homework: Second reading of the story and directed notes (highlighters are needed for highlighting evidence)


  • Discussion of directed notes
  • Vocabulary word: altruism
  • Homework: 3rd reading for shared inquiry questions (highlighters needed for highlighting evidence)


  • Shared inquiry discussion for "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers"
  • Vocabulary word: evanescent
  • Homework: Post-reading analysis of the author's craft handout
  • Writing after discussion

Looking ahead:

  • Dec. 19th - sharing of 3rd chapter of independent student-written novels
  • Dec. 20th - sharing of final draft of poems & beginning of recitation of Flocabulary
  • Dec. 21st - 50 word vocabulary test, sharing of Chapter Two of student written memoirs and Flocabulary recitation
  • Dec. 22nd - Sharing of writing for "The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers"


  • Monday - Debate about school uniforms
  • Tuesday - Drama; retelling of Hansel & Gretel
  • Wednesday - Literature - Nico Huehuetl or Cenicienta
  • Thursday & Friday - Practice of Aztec dance "Aguila Blanca"


  • All week - Working with novel about Isabela, dramatization and student written short stories
Week of November 28th-December 2nd


Monday - Discussion of Gil Scott-Heron's work, poems "Moco Limping" and "Mixed Singles"

Vocabulary: Discussion of the meaning of "amendment" and some of the amendments from the Bill of Rights in preparation for Great Books short story "Harrison Bergeron"

Tuesday: Students work on writing their own poetry in class; vocabulary game with vocabulary from "Harrison Bergeron"

Wednesday: First reading of "Harrison Bergeron"

Homework: Directed notes for "Harrison Bergeron"

Thursday: Discussion of directed notes

Homework: Shared Inquiry preparation for "Harrison Bergeron"

Friday: Shared Inquiry Discussion

Homework: Post-reading project

Looking ahead: Debate preparation Monday & Tuesday for Second Invitational Tournament

Due the week of December 19-23rd - Students could be working on at least one of the following nightly.

Chapter Three of student-written novels for workshopping
Final version of poem for Poetry Sharing
Chapter Two of student-written memoirs
Vocabulary Test - 50 words
Recital of Flocabulary


Advanced Spanish - Monday: Debate Tuesday: Drama Weds-Fri: Novel
Spanish II - Working on preterite & imperfect through fairy tales

Beginning Spanish - Finishing dramas, creating of new TPR stories

Week of Nov. 21th-22nd


Last week students shared the first chapter of their memoirs in Language Arts. Students are writing very powerful pieces and forging supportive writing communities!

Language Arts: Poetry - Eve Merriam, Langston Hughes, Gil Scott-Heron

Advanced Spanish - Debate

Beginning Spanish - Dramatization of Fairy Tales

Also, be sure to check out the Barton Debate website. Barton has developed a formidable Debate Team!

Spoken Word Post-Field Trip Form

On Wed., Nov. 2, Shá Cage and E.G. Bailey, cofounders of the Minnesota Spoken Word Association came to our Language Arts classes. The cost for this residency is $4.00 per student -- please send what you can.  See the post-field trip information and permission form for details...

Week of November 7th-11th

Room 20

  • Tuesday & Thursday: Language Lab
  • Tuesday - Mix-It-Up Lunch
  • Friday - Kindergarten Buddies



  • Workshop day for student-written novels - Chapter Two
  • Homework - hand-out "Before the Industrial Revolution" and "Reflection" on the writing
  • process for Chapter Two


  • Vocabulary Test
  • Word 31 for Flocabulary
  • Poetry: "We Alone" by Alice Walker
  • "Poet to Bigot" by Langston Hughes
  • Homework: Hand-out about the Industrial Revolution


  • Flocabulary - word 32
  • Work with Debate Topic - colonization of Mars
  • Students work on writing their own poems based on "We Alone"
  • Homework: Hand-out about the Industrial Revolution


  • Flocabulary - word 33
  • Practice debates
  • Students work on writing their poems
  • Homework: Hand-out about the Industrial Revolution


  • Flocabulary - word 34
  • Poetry - "Willow and Gingko" by Eve Merriam
  • Homework: Hand-out about the Industrial Revolution, student poems
  • Looking ahead: First chapter of student memoirs due November 16th
  • Students should be writing and revising 10-20 minutes nightly - after the first draft,
  • students focus each night on revising just one paragraph



  • Advanced Spanish
    • Nico Huehuetl (Literatura)
    • Preguntas para "La casa del árbol"
  • Spanish Two - Práctica con pretérito, Piratas
  • Spanish One - Práctica con presente y historia de Pato el Vato

Tuesday & Wednesday:

  • Advanced Spanish/Spanish Two - Explore Test
  • Beginning Spanish: Más con Pato el Vato


  • Advanced - El drama
  • Spanish Two: Piratas
  • Spanish One: nueva historia: El tigre


  • Advanced: Nico Huehuetl y La casa del árbol
  • Spanish Two: Piratas
  • Spanish One: El tigre
Week of October 31st - November 4th

Rm. 20: Language Lab - Tuesday & Thursday
Mix-It-Up Lunch Tuesday


Monday: Class Talent Shows

Tuesday: Rm. 20 - Theme essays due/Finish Sharing of Vignettes/States Test

3rd & 4th Hours: Propioceptive Writing

Wednesday: Actress/SpokenWord Artist Shá Cage and Spoken Word Artist e.g.
work with students to develop new Spoken Word pieces

Student teacher Ashley joins our class

Thursday: Poetry & Propioceptive Writing for Rm. 20

Friday: No school

Looking ahead:

Chapter Two of Student-written novels due for workshopping on Monday, 11/7

Vocabulary Test - Tuesday 11/8

November 10th - Small Debate Tournament - 7 Barton teams attending

November 15th- First Big Debate Tournament - all Barton teams that wish to attend can attend - Tournament is at Como High School in St. Paul

November 16th - First chapter of students' memoirs due

SPANISH - Mon. - Thurs. - Día de los muertos

Ofrendas, los estudiantes honran a los parientes
que han muerto, pan dulce

Maestra estudiantil Anna está con nosotros
los martes y los jueves

Week of October 24th-28th


Room 20: Riddle
Discussion of first draft on a theme from The Chosen
2nd draft due on November 1st - students agreed to work every night
for 15-20 minutes on their piece

Language Arts: Flocabulary word: commodious
Homework: Practice reading "My Name" aloud as a
dramatic performance

One paragraph about a commodious place

Classwork: Continuation of reading of "Two Trains Running" in small groups and discussion of significant moments


5th Hour - Spanish Two finishes dramas, homework for Piratas; Advanced finishes novel, works on essay for Las mascotas, poesía de José Martí

6th Hour - Practice with tomar; TPR story


Field Trip to Luna Negra Dance Theatre at the Ordway - 9:45 - 11:45

Room 20: Language Study in Language Lab

Language Arts: Flocabulary Word - clairvoyant
Continued reading of "Two Trains Running"

No Spanish today due to the field trip


Room 20: Mix-It-Up Lunch instead of Tuesday due to Field Trip

Language Arts: Flocabulary Word: vast

Each student reads their "My Name" aloud as a dramatic piece and receives feedback

Spanish: Spanish Two starts writing books on how to play sports
Continues with Piratas
Advanced: Poesía, Read and discuss essays, begin Dinosaurios al atardecer, script writing

Spanish I - verb practice and TPR



Room 20: Language Study in Language Lab

Language Arts: Flocabulary Word: voluminous
More "My Name" if necessary; "Two Trains Running"

Spanish: Spanish: Spanish II - Piratas, book on sports
Advanced: poesía, novel, script, begin new essay - Mi comida preferida

Spanish I: Verb practice with surveys, TPR stories


Spirit Day Students can wear costumes; no costumes on Monday, 10/31

Room 20: Kindergarten Reading Buddies

Language Arts: Flocabulary Word: extravagant
Beginning of personal memoir
Propioceptive Writing in class

Spanish: Spanish II - Finish booklets, Piratas
Advanced: poesía, novel, script, read essays

Spanish I: Verb practice with surveys, TPR stories


10/31 - Class talent shows
11/1 - Second Draft essays due for Room 20
11/7 - Second chapter of student written novel due
11/8 - Vocabulary Test - 30 words
11/14 First chapter of Memoir due

Week of October 10th - 14th

Tues. & Thurs. – 7:30-8:00 a.m. Computer Lab for Language Study

Tuesday – Mix-It-Up Lunch

Friday – Emily’s Room to read with our Kindergarten Buddies


MONDAY – Students workshop Chapter One of the novels they are writing.

TUESDAY – FRIDAY – Reading of “Two Trains Running” – Students work in groups, each student plays one of the roles.

Students discuss directorial or actors’ choices for non-verbal action, tone, etc.

Discussion of unfamiliar vocabulary and significance or metaphorical meaning of the language of the play

Flocabulary – all week

Words: pariah, persevere, latent, burgeon, diligent

Homework each night for persevere through diligent - students relate the words to their life experiences

FRIDAY – Students individually recite Flocabulary up to “diligently, carefully, you’ll be more hip than Run DMC.

Next Vocabulary Test – Friday October 28th – 30 word exam

ADVANCED SPANISH – Level Three – Chapter writing and reading of Chapters 5-8 of Piratas después del mediodía

Level Two - Finish Chapter 9, book presentations, writing


Flashcards with poder, querer, tener; recitation of Oso Polar, surveys – clase favorita

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