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Room 114 Announcements 2013-2014
Kindergarten News 5/28/2014

Room 114 Families,

     Here we are at the end of May!  The days are whisking by.  The class is preparing for our portfolio day, working on assessments and preparing work samples for their first grade teacher.
    The Barton office has decided not to send a letter home this summer, telling your child’s teacher for the next year.  Instead there will be an August 13th, “Get Connected Day”.  Parent and students will come to the Barton Commons and bring school forms (forms that will be online this summer) have their child’s photo taken and find out their child’s classroom for the next year of school.  Look for all the details in the Barton Bugle this week.  Read more...

Kindergarten News 5/21/2014

Room 114 Families,

     Our farm field trip was great fun last Thursday!  Thanks so much to the parents:  Kris Johnson (Ben’s dad), Kris Thompson (Julia’s mom), Liz Tupper (Aidan’s mom), Mel Muller (William’s mom) and Sarah Meysenburg (Isla’s mom). Everyone was great, pitching in to make the trip a breeze!  Today the children are bringing their farm fact and drawing book home along with the writing about their day on the farm.  Read more...

Kindergarten News 5/14/14

Room 114 families,

The class is excited for our farm field trip this Thursday.  Here are some tips for the trip:

Don’t be late!  We leave at 7:50am. 

Kindergarten News 5/7/14

Room 114 families,

     It’s hard to believe that with all those overcast and rainy days the kindergarten bean plants and “Garden in the Glove” all made excellent growth progress.  They are coming home today for replanting in your family garden or to keep going on the windowsill. 
     We have three more cinquian poems that have been written.  Read more...

Kindergarten News 4/30/14

Room 114 Families,

     What do April showers bring?   In door recess for the third day in a row. Teachers, students and the plants in our classroom could use a little more sun and a lot less rain!
     Last week the children made a “Garden in a Glove.”  Using a clear, plastic food handler glove the children wet cotton balls and placed one type of seed(s) on the cotton ball and pushed it into the tip of the each finger in the glove.  We hung the gloves in our windows and hopefully, if the sun ever comes out the children can watch the seeds sprout.  The seeds in the glove were:  corn, beans, pumpkin, lettuce and carrots.  The children have been checking on the climbing bean seeds we planted and a few have started sprouting.  Read more...

Kindergarten News 4/24/2014

Room 114 Families,

     I wanted you to be aware of two future dates to put on your family calendar.  Our class farm field trip is on Thursday, May 15th and our end of the year Portfolio and Memory Book Sharing is on Monday, June 2nd.  The field trip information and permission slip to be signed by a parent and returned to school is in your child’s folder today.  The Portfolio and Memory Book Sharing is very informal an open house format.  Parents may come anytime between 7:30 -9:00, what ever works for your own family’s schedule.  I will send more information on the Portfolio Day as it nears.  Read more...

Kindergarten News 4/16/2014

Room 114 Families,

Though we are in the season of spring the temps have been chilly for recess.  Please make sure your kindergartener has a warm coat and even hat and mittens until the temperatures act more seasonable.

So far five brave kindergarteners have signed up to read some writing work at the Student Author Night, next Thursday, April 24th.  If your child is interested, send me an email before Thursday.  Read more...

Kindergarten News 4/9/14

Room 114 Families,

     Finally, spring weather is here!  Our class even managed a few second “mini” (15 minutes) recesses this week.  It seems everything is easier when the temps are mild and the sun is shining!
     I wanted to tell parents about the upcoming “Student Author Night”.  Read more...

Kindergarten News--3/26/2014

Room 114 Families,

We welcomed spring in last week but apparently some one forgot to tell the warmer temperature…Brr! Hopefully, Spring Break next week will bring warmer temps!

This week the kindergarteners are working on finishing up their “wheel books” and starting their life sized cut out of their own heads. After drawing their faces on the head and shoulder cutout they added something they love to surround their head. For example, Avery’s head is full of pizza. Kippie’s head is full of puppies. Mustaf’s head is full of bats.  William’s head is full of sharks. Ask your child what they are making their heads full of.  This week the children folded paper into cups that they could drink from. It kind of depended on how “crisply” the paper as folded to determine if the “cup” held water with out dripping!  Read more...


Kindergarten News--3/19/14

Room 114 Families,

     You probably already heard that the leprechauns left our room a big mess! The kindergarteners were pretty excited but were able to get the room cleaned up and write about it all in their journals. It was a pretty wild start to our day!  Read more...

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