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April 29, 2015
Thursday, April 30, 2015 9:00 PM

April 29, 2015

Dear Classroom 120 Families,

We have been studying living things through the Organisms Unit. Last week we added pill bugs and millipedes to our terrariums! We observed closely using a hand lens. We discussed some fascinating facts including: the protective exoskeleton or outer skeleton of a pill bug; they’re actually related to lobsters. Pill bugs are arthropods (meaning jointed legs). Millipedes have a long segmented trunk and a round head with a pair of antennae. Two pairs of legs are attached to most body segments. They don’t like the light so they burrow using their strong internal jaw.  We will continue to keep our terrariums going as we are collecting and feeding the added “friends” fruits and veggies daily.  We compared and contrasted the pill bug and millipede using a Venn diagram.

           We also worked on our map book as we drew and highlighted our favorite Minneapolis hot spots! Next we added our state, Minnesota. We’re working on The United States of America as our circle continues to broaden.

On Monday, April 27th students participated in a bus evacuation drill, Fire Drill and Lockdown Drill, always good to be prepared!

We continue to have Art for out specialist throughout the week, we’ll switch to Media on May 4th. Media book checkout has been postponed for all until the MCA testing is complete; please return books on May 4th.

The End of Year Chutes and Ladders outing at Hyland Park is scheduled for Friday, May 22nd. More information to come! Volunteers are appreciated on this date.

Barton’s All School Lake Day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd. Feel free to join us as we walk to the Lake Harriet Band shell for a short program and picnic.

                                                Happy Spring!