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April 9, 2012
Sunday, April 15, 2012 10:40 PM

Room 102 Newsletter
April 9, 2012 Clara Barton Open School

Dear Families,
I hope you all had a wonderful spring break. I enjoyed some time up in Duluth with my family-I even went up the north shore to collect rocks for an activity at camp! I am excited to be teaching again full time this week and the students even get to meet my dad, he is a geologist and will be teaching the students all about the formation of our land! A very exciting week is ahead of us as we begin our new unit!

Timelines and Skylines
This week we are beginning our new unit, “Timelines and Skylines” we will be studying our city, making brochures and maps, going on a tour of our neighborhood and the city, and we are going on a camping trip.
The key questions of this unit are:
-What was our city like long ago?
-What makes our city special?
-What is our place in the community?

What to look for this week

Camp Packets:
Rooms 102 and 104 will be going on a camping trip towards the end of May but we will start preparing for it now. Packets will be sent home this week in BEE Books. The packets will include information for the students, supplies we will need and volunteer information.

Book Club:
We will be beginning our final book club for the year soon, the three options will be The Doll House, Farmer Boy and Harriet the Spy.

This week we will beginning our “camps” this will be during our “Shape Up” time. These will be mini educational camps. Each teacher (Kristin, Dawn, Kate, and myself) will be working with a small group of students on different topics.

Recess Buddies
We will no longer be having recess buddies. The students have enjoyed making new recess friends and playing a variety of new games. We believe they are ready to start picking what they want to do at recess on their own, but we will still be closely monitoring what is going on. We will also begin learning whole-class games that can be practiced and played at recess in preparation for camp.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! ☺
(and Kristin!)