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Room 202 Assignments
10 Hour Project

Here is your chance to learn how to skydive or even knit.  You have ten hours to learn something in which you have always been interested.  It is an assignment called the Ten-Hour Project.  You learn something new or go more deeply into something you know a little about already.  Then after some research, hands-on experiences, the creation of a visual and a written paper, you get ready to . . .

March - the Little Book Report

Fold paper along lines to create a Little Book Report.

February Book Report

“I Love To Read Month”

Reading Project February is “I Love To Read Month”. To celebrate you are to complete one of the following projects listed below. Follow the directions very carefully!

Due Mar. 4, 2014

1. Read a fiction book of your choice.

2. Choose one of the following projects.

  • Scrap Book page – create a memory page for your book.
  • Movie poster – create a movie poster to advertise your book.
  • Newspaper cover – create the cover of a newspaper. Use the information from your book for the main articles of the paper.

3. You must include the following in your book project.

  • Title and author of your book.
  • Type of literature (mystery, adventure, fantasy, humorous, historical, sci-fi, realistic)
  • Characters (main characters only)
  • Conflict (problem the main character(s) face)
  • One event in the rising action
  • Climax (how the problem is solved)
  • Resolution (how the story ends)
  • Add pictures relating to your book

4. If you have any questions PLEASE ask!

Friday Letters

Each Friday your child will write a Friday letter to you.  I ask the kids to bring them home to be read and signed by their parent and then returned on the following Monday. Be sure to ask for them.  There is no need to edit the letters at home, as we will work on this in the classroom as the year goes on

Book Reports

A book report is due each month.  Below is a list of book reports for the year and a brief synopsis of each one.  More detailed directions for book reports will be given at the beginning of each month.

"Getting to Know You”... Project

Our first mini-project of the year will be a PERSONAL TIME LINE. Your job will be to create a time line starting with your birthday/year and go all the way to the present? I.E. 2002 - 2013.

Be ready to share your time lines September 25, 2013.