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Barton Students win Speakers' Award at Spanish Model UN
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 6:20 AM


38 Barton Students attended the Model UN Conference in Spanish on April 20th at Macalester College.  The other participants were from Cottage Grove Spanish Immersion, Anwatin Dual Immersion and Highland Park Dual Immersion.Student delegates were divided into three assemblies, and two Speakers' Awards were
given per assembly.  Greta Paschke and Lauren Taylor, representing El Salvador, won
one of the two awards given for the assembly in Kagin Commons.

We are very proud of all of our Barton participants:

1.)  Jacqueline Martínez Antonio & Simone Blanchette (representing Iraq)
2.)  Jorge Rey Martínez & Jesús Soriano-Camacho (representing Morocco)
3.)  David Hockenberry & Kieran Panning-Miller (representing Lebanon)
4.)  Jakob Kouneski & Josue Rivera Franco (representing Brazil)
5.)  Zev Breen & Gabe Ferguson (representing China)
6.)  Rudy Donisch & Matt Parker (representing Turkey)
7.)  Greta Paschke & Lauren Taylor (as mentioned above, representing El Salvador)
8.)  Natalie Shaw & Sophie O'Keane & Andrea Sanango Orbe (representing Honduras)
9.)  Emily Moore & Sophie Haviland (representing Guatemala)
10.)  Sam Fritsch & Karl Janczak (representing Syria)
11.)  Melisa Ramírez & Jacqueline Solís-Cano & Liliana Becerra Cando (representing México)
12.)  Solana Dicus Breen & Grace Prince (representing Costa Rica)
13.)  Amalia Sánchez & Madeline Bierbaum (representing Jordan)
14.)  Ellis Nordhougen & Shane Stodolka (representing South Africa)
15.)  Jack Callahan & Henry Holcomb (representing Saudia Arabia)
16.)  Otis Anderson & Kobe Pozzani (representing Japan)
17.)  Evie Bair & Ben Ruíz (representing Myanmar)
18.)  Alex Knowlen & Anders Wuolo-Journey (representing South Sudan)