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Barton Traffic Safety Expectations
Thursday, December 12, 2013 5:55 AM


We would like to restate Barton School safety expectations that are needed during our morning drop-off and our afternoon dismissal times. The mix of school buses, city buses, cars, bicycles, and child and adult walkers is potentially an unsafe combination for us if we don’t have adults modeling safe decisions at all times. I urge everyone to do the following:
•Children dropped off on the opposite side of the street to the school should always be walked to the closest intersection to get onto the school grounds. No one, even with an adult, should cross Bryant, 43rd Street or Colfax between buses and cars. Cross streets at intersections only.
•School-side drop-offs should take place only on 43rd Street and Colfax Avenue. Between 7:15 – 7:30, drop-offs should only take place on 43rd Street.
•Do not drop off school side on Bryant between the buses because the traffic both ways is too intense in the morning. School side on 43rd Street is best.
•Parents should not pull into the staff parking lot in the morning. The pulling in, backing up, and then subsequent turning on to Bryant exacerbates an already unsafe situation for our kids and our families walking to school.
•Put your child on the bus in the morning. It’s safer and will result in fewer cars driving to school. 

In years past, we have had “near miss” accidents involving some of our students. Fortunately, this year, we have had a fairly safe start to the year. Let’s be a community that can count on the adults keeping all children’s safety first and foremost on their minds.

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