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October 2012 Book Report

Due:  10 / 31 / 12

Book type: fiction

Report type: booklet

FCAs (focus correction areas): 

  1. 10 pts: Format and directions are followed.
  2. 10 pts: Sentences are complete - no run-ons or comma splices.
  3.  5 pts: All words are spelled correctly - use a dictionary to double-check if unsure.


NOTE: booklets will be made in class

  1. Write a rough draft at home, skipping lines.
  2. Edit your own work.
  3. Ask someone else to edit.
  4. Make a final draft without errors and bring to school.
  5. Create your booklet as follows:
  • Page 1 Cover: Neatly and creatively 1) write the book title and author's name; 2) illustrate / decorate your cover using colored pencils; 3) write your name
  • Page 2: Creatively describe where and when the story takes place. Catch the reader's attention. Use clues from the story if the place and time are not precisely mentioned. For examp le, rather than using a state name, Georgia, the author may only write "the deep south." Rather than naming a year, the author might describe a scene that could only be from a time period, like the 1940s or ancient times.
  • Page 3: Identify the main character. Using many details, describe the character in two or three lines. If possible, give the name, age, physical description and personality traits.
  • Page 4: Describe the plot (main problem) of the story in three or four sentences. Use the big picture and avoid details. No need to tell the whole story.
  • Page 5: Summarize the ending. What happens to the character? Was the problem solved?
  • Page 6: Share your opinion of the book. Did you or did you not like it? Why? Back up your opinion with reasons.
PDF October 2012 Book Report   --  Assignment Sheet