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Congratulations to Barton's Debate Team!
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 6:45 AM


The Barton Debate Team has won first place in three out of four divisions
in each of the tournaments we attended this year.  Barton Debaters
often placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th as well, and won many speakers' awards.

Results from the December tournament against Murray Jr. High,
Highland Park Jr. and Andersen United at Como Park High School:

SPEAKER AWARDS - 1st place through 5th place

VARSITY                       JUNIOR VARSITY       NOVICE                ROOKIE

1st Gabe Ferguson      Tannen Holt             Aurora Quinn           Will Krueger
2nd Sam Fritsch            Evie Bair                                                      Aidan Mokalla
3rd  Henry Holcomb    Greta Paschke         Kawsar Mohamed  
4th  Sophie O'Keane   Ted Lindholm          Finn McKinney     
5th  Nia Steinhagen    Nik Fischer                                              Jacqueline Solís-Cano



1st Place:  Sophie O'Keane & Nia Steinhagen
4th Place:  Shane Stodolka & Kieran Panning-Miller
5th Place:  Ellis Nordhougen & Sam Fritsch   

1st Place:  Tannen Holt (Maverick)
2nd Place:  Evie Bair & Greta Paschke
3rd Place:   Ted Lindholm & Nik Fischer     


1st Place:  Aurora Quinn & Kawsar Mohamed
2nd Place:  Priya Dalal-Whelan & Hannah Kolcinski-Martin
(Both teams were undefeated.)              


2nd Place:  Gabe Chang-Deutsch & Daisy Forester
3rd Place:  Emma Knutson & Kate Lawrence
4th Place:  Jorge Rey-Martínez & Ben Ruíz
5th Place:  Will Krueger/Nick Auckenthaler/Jacob Jones
6th Place:  Ty Benjaafar/Mosaab Guled/Nikko Pozzani
(All of these teams were undefeated).

The January Tournament was held at Roosevelt High School.  Our competitors
were Anthony Middle School, Lake Harriet, Sanford, Ramsey and Keewaydin.
Although we don't have a complete list of the results yet, here are the


VARSITY                        JUNIOR VARSITY          NOVICE            ROOKIE

1st Gabe Ferguson     Nik Fischer                Kawsar Mohamed   Gabe Chang-Deutsch
                                                                                                                Daisy Forester



1st:  Henry Holcomb & Ahmed Yusuf

Gabe Ferguson (Maverick)  and Anders Wuolo-Journey & Jakob Kouneski
were also all undefeated.


2nd Place:  Evie Bair & Greta Paschke (also undefeated)


1st:  Aurora Quinn & Kawsar Mohamed
2nd:  Emma Campbell & Amalia Sánchez


1st:  Emma Knutson & Kate Lawrence

A more complete list of top five winners will be coming when the MN Urban
Debate League sends us a comprehensive list of results.

Our next tournament will be on February 10th.  As of now, the tournament is
scheduled to take place at Highland Park Jr. High in St. Paul.  We have
around 80 hardworking members on our team this year and we are
very proud of them. 

Debate Tournament Roster for January 22, 2015


1.)  Melisa Ramírez/Jacqueline Solís-Cano
2.)  Jesús Soriano-Camacho/Kobe Pozzani
3.)  Hamsa Dubbe/Oliver García Fuentes/Ismail Mahamoud
4.)  Ibrahim Yusuf/Phoebe Chi Olson
5.)  Ben Ruíz/Jorge Rey Martinez
6.)  Nikko Pozzani/Ty Benjaafar/Mosaab Guled
7.)  Holiday Holcomb/Gillian Bode/Bella Bennett
8.)  Sean Matter (Maverick)
9.)  Lilly Fish/Audrey Sauer
10.)  Hana Omer/Mona Hassan
11.)  Sam Lovejoy/Will Krueger/Nick Auckenthaler
12.)  Carter Roth/Skyler Cronin
13.)  Aidan Mokalla/Omar Ali
14.)  Soren Schaust/Addie Kiunst
15.) Theo Prince/Noah Kuklinski/Sam Stoos-Tyver
16.)  Daisy Forester/Gabe Chang-Deutsch
17.)  Emma Knutson/Kate Lawrence
18.)  Margaret Mullin/Kate Mandler
19.)  Jacob Jones/Jackson Lundberg
20.)  Lizzie Dresdner/Audrey Hepenstal
21.)  Graham Krewinghaus/Neal Woodward
22.)  Sabirina Sufi/Ruquio Abdullahi/Ruwayda Sufi


1.)  Aisha Ali/Ramla Abdi/Imon Robinson
2.)  Kawsar Mohamed/Aurora Quinn
3.)  Emma Campbell/Amalia Sánchez
4.)  Grace Prince/Mara Schwob
5.)  Hannah Kolcinski Martin/Priya Dalal Whelan
6.)  Finn McKinney/Mason Anderson
7.)  Leon Wong/Maggie Kolcinski Martin

1.)  Nik Fischer/Ted Lindholm
2.)  Evie Bair/Greta Paschke
3.)  Tannen Holt


1.)  Anders Wuolo-Journey/Jakob Kouneski
2.)  Nia Steinhagen/Sophie O'Keane
3.)  Sam Fritsch/Ellis Nordhougen
4.)  Gabe Ferguson (Maverick)
5.)  Henry Holcomb/Ahmed Yusuf
6.)  Kieran Panning-Miller/Shane Stodolka
7.)  Nate Zehnder (Asst. Coach and Alternate)