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Barton Debate Tournament March 21 - Standings

The Barton Debate team attended a Debate Tournament March 21st at the University of Minnesota.  The other teams in the tournament were Anthony, Page, Lake Harriet, Seward, Field and Yinghua.


Barton's 2018-19 Team Roster


1.) Ikran Ahmed & Hamdi Mohamed

2.) Najma Ahmed & Avery Kaneakua

3.) Shamso Jama & Amiro Abdullahi

4.) Zoe Sumner & Ona Pigue

5.) Annika Nelson & Djamila Stricherz

6.) Ben Mechels & Otto McDill & Matthew Dresdner

7.) Natalie Kelly/Ani Owen/Sylvia Dieken

8.) Emitt Honer & Sam Tripp

9.) Samsam Abdinur/Indi Mohamed/Sihaam Mohamud

10.) Alec Lachowitzer & Angel Rey-Martínez



1.) Catie Bair & Yahye Abshir

2.) Jackson Garrison & Nat Chang-Deutsch

3.) Luc Cholat & Ade Mohamed

4.) Isaiah Philibert & Nico Schaust

5.) Sam Leslie & Will Pryce

6.) Mia Stipkovits & Khayaal Desai-Hunt

7.) Fowsiya Said & Aswan Abdisamed

8.) Lucia Scavotto & Evva Jischke

9.) Rory Harris & Aoife Mokalla

10.) Eve Loesch & Sara Lawrence



1.) Jackson Jones & Ben Sheldon

2.) Ena Ruíz and Dash Brodek

3.) Anna Wegner & Lila Kuntz



1.) Grace Anderson & Merik Shaefer

2.) Mo Endo & Wes Sumner

3.) Sammie Stever-Zeitlin & Molly Reehl

4.) JoJo Lynch-Beatty & Keshav Singh