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Descriptive Essay Quotes

Here is a sample of sensory imagery from students' descriptive essays that are now exhibited in the hallway. Enjoy the creativity of our students!

  • Ella –Tibba has a damp, brown nose surrounded by a blonde mustache.
  • Kieran – The body of my guitar is a smooth Ferrari red. It fits snug against my body, like my bed when I’m sleeping and tucks under my arm, like I’m cradling a baby.
  • Owen – Fey has green eyes, white whiskers, a pink nose, black ears with white insides and a fuzzy white muzzle.
  • Ed – Sooner’s ears are flaps of velvet hanging off the bolt. Her nose is a blob of wet Jell-o on the tip of a hard bony nose. Her torso is a giant sack of potatoes. Her bottom is a mound of hairy seal blubber.
  • Maggie – Ed’s fur is the softest, and shortest of any cat I have ever petted, and it is wavy on his tummy. It feels like worn velvet.
  • Lauren – Across from the counter is the silver and black stove with flames the color of blue satin.
  • Evan – My dog Lucky exploded upon the couch and started barking. “LUCKY!” my mom yelled.
  • Fiona –Every time I leave, I give her a big hug and tell her that I’ll be home soon. For some reason, I feel like she understands me.
  • Peter – Sputnik’s breath smells like the thing he last ate, which could be the disgusting smell of his normal food or food that he stole from the counter.
  • Klara – Seven crouches in the corner of the garden as silent as a breezeless day, until an unfortunate animal fails to notice his glossy black coat, shimmering in the shadows, lying in wait.
  • Emerson – When people walk by, Oscar barks at them. When people come in, he creates pandemonium by leaping into the air and barking. His bark is an ear-splitting low woof, woof.
  • Nathaniel – When I smell the insides of my guitar, I breathe in the scent of a freshly cut-down tree. When I pick up my guitar, I feel the cool night air.
  • Sam – Finally, I can eat my food. I pick up the rough wooden chopsticks and take a piece of beef and pop it into my mouth,
  • Gillian – Ellie always comes in at night and lies down beside me, and I fall asleep to her rhythmic purr-purrr-purrr-purrr.
  • Shane - When I was about five years old, my attic was a place of Saturday fun and everyday pillow fights with the four-foot tall teddy bear who rested in the far left corner of the attic.
  • Karl – Zooie will shoot around our house like a Porsche 911 to get us to play with him; he also will turn on his back and writhe around like a fish out of water to get our attention.
  • Mara – I feel the icy, cold water crash against my feet, with the salty wind lightly blowing my hair to the side.
  • Lillian – When I am at the Lundstrum Center, I feel like I’m walking through fire; I get hot and cool as I move through the room.
  • Tess – Behind Delilah’s ears are small patches of fur that feel like an airy, white cloud floating on a rich blue sky.
  • Leon – Sometimes Bobo smells like my mom’s perfumes after his baths.
  • Moufidat – Kelly smells as sweet as an apple lollipop or she is as fresh as my perfume “Pink”.
  • Alex – Pepper’s eyes glitter like green-black marbles.
  • Muhab – I remember the soothing music coming out of the girl’s brown flute.
  • Emma – Pepper has deep hazelnut eyes and a wet black nose that always looks like a smooth stone, freshly pulled out of a stream.
  • Emily – Lena’s fur is as bright and as blonde as the sun, and she has dark chocolate-brown eyes.
  • Ted – The empty glass is coated with the cloudy residue of milk, like a glass of fog. Cookie crumbs stick to its inside.
  • Ayan – Abdirhrman's hair is the color of black rock, his eyes are the color of chocolate and skin the color of caramel. He smells like my dad’s cologne.
  • Dylan – When I play my cello I feel like someone injected energy into me.
  • Molly – When we first got Louie, he was three months old, only eight inches long with brown and black silky fur and sparkling black button eyes with pointy triangle ears.
  • Waverly – Lulu smells like flowers, grass and laundry detergent mixed together.
  • Aidan - Aslan has long jowls like an old man, and he slobbers like a baby. His tail is as stubby as my dad's thumb.
  • Audrey - Harriet wears warm, fuzzy white boots, except for when she has been roaming around in our neighbor's yard; then her shoes are just as black as the rest of her small full-grown body.