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Disease / Health Condition Project

This project has 4 important steps.  Directions for steps 1 and 2 are below.  If you lost your handout, you will find a pdf at the very bottom of this page.


Step 1. I need a TOPIC

This is a good site to find possible topics: Teens Health

If you are interested in topics related to the brain or nervous system, scroll to the BOTTOM of this link to find a nice list of possible topics.


Step 2. I am ready to RESEARCH my topic

Tip: As you are researching, be looking for and thinking about good images that you could make related to your topic.  You will be making 2 images for your medical folder in step 3 of this project.

  1. A great place to start your research is an encyclopedia.  Use this link to search for your topic on Encyclopedia Britannica.
  2. If you are doing a topic related to the brain or nervous system, scroll to the BOTTOM of this page and you might find great resources.
  3. A good next step is a medical encyclopedia.  MedlinePlus is a very trustworthy site.
  4. The Mayo Clinic is one of the best hospitals in the United States and it is only about 90 minutes from Minneapolis.  Use their site to get more information.
  5. When you are ready for a larger search, follow these directions to use the ELM database:
  • ​Look for the "Search by Topic" drop down menu
  • Select "Health & Medicine" from the drop down menu
  • Find the link for Explora Teens and click on it
  • Type your topic in the search box at the top

Fun challenge (if you have time)

Try being a disease detective.  Click here.

PDF Disease Project Handout   --  This is a PDF of the disease project handout.