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Congratulations Barton Math Masters Teams!
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 6:25 AM


Our 2014 Math Masters season has wrapped up and it was a great season for Barton.  Math Masters is a math competition open to 5th and 6th grade students.  The competition is a city wide event held on a Saturday.  The 5th grade competition had over 300 students from local schools! 

The competition consists of three sections:
- Fact drill, where students have three minutes to solve arithmetic problems
- Individual rounds, where students solve story problems by themselves
- Team rounds, where students work together in small teams to solve story problems.
Awards are presented in each section and also presented for the overall score (which includes the scores from all three sections).

Our Barton contestants (and several other students who wanted the math challenge without joining the competition) have been practicing twice a week since February with Middles teacher Katrina Belding and parent volunteer Emily Harris.  The time, effort, and hard work our kids put into practice this year really paid off!

6th grade contestants: 
Zev Breen, Kirian Kmiecik, Ted Lindholm, Finn McKinney, Kawsar Mohamed, Phoebe Olson, Aidan Sutton, Emmet Sutton, and Ibrahim Yusuf. 

Barton 6th grade awards
Fact drill awards:
- 1st place was awarded to Ted Lindholm (perfect score)
- Honorable mention was awarded to Finn McKinney (missing only one problem)
Individual awards:
-1st place to Ted Lindholm
Team awards:
-Honorable mention to Ted Lindholm, Phoebe Olson and Ibrahim Yusuf

5th grade contestants: 
Abdullah Ahmed, Alice Baird, Gabe Chang-Deustch, Kiera Harris, Keegan James, Graham Krewinghaus, Aidan Mokalla, Andrew Peichel, and Theo Prince.

Barton 5th grade awards
Individual awards:

- 1st place was awarded to Andrew Peichel
Team awards:
- 1st place was awarded to Abdullah Ahmed, Gabe Chang-Deutsch, and Graham Krewinghaus
- 2nd place was awarded to Alice Baird, Kiera Harris, and Aidan Mokalla
Overall awards:
- 1st place was awarded to Alice Baird, Kiera Harris, and Aidan Mokalla
- Honorable mention was awarded to Abdullah Ahmed, Gabe Chang-Deutsch, and Graham Krewinghaus

Thanks to all the students who competed and all students who joined us for practice.  If you're a 4th or a 5th grader who wants to explore math, logic and reasoning with us, make sure to look for practices when we start up again next winter!

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