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First Council Meeting ~ Thursday, September 7, 2017


Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! Just a few notes before our meeting on Thursday:

* Kate is coordinating childcare; we also need a volunteer to coordinate food for meetings. Any takers? We will have pizza on Thursday - bring a treat to share if you'd like!

* Thursday's agenda:

4:30 Mindfulness, welcome and Introductions (Diane and Maria)
4:45 Principals' Report (Diane and Maria)
5:15 Working Groups (Sheila and Patty, then all)
5:45 Barton Foundation budget update (Tom, Markus, Eric, and Diane and Maria)
6:30 End

* Flipped meeting format: In order to maximize our time together, we will try to provide materials relevant to our conversations prior to meetings. This year, we are trying to align LC's working groups with school staff committees. Please read the descriptions of the staff committees (below this message) and the current descriptions of LC working groups (see above) before Thursday.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Sheila, Patty, Diane and Maria

Committee Descriptions (we'll explain how they might match up with LC working groups on Thursday!)

ILT: Instructional Leadership Team-The purpose of this team is to review information, authentic and standardized data to develop our SIP (School Improvement Plan).  This team also reviews the PLC, PD, PSWE and Equity teams information and data to support best practice opportunities for staff.

PSWE/Equity: Positive School-Wide Engagement Team-The purpose of this team is to review information, authentic and standardized data to develop a plan to support and improve the culture and climate throughout the school for students, staff and the community.  The co-leads of this team must also be an ILT team members.

PD: Staff Development-The purpose of this team is to survey and identify the needs of the staff for both academic, social/emotional and behavioral professional learning opportunities for the staff.  They will deliver PD as well as seek out PD for staff.  The lead of this team must also be an ILT team member.

Barton Committee-The purpose of this council is to be a group that organizes, surveys and participates in various needs throughout the school year: such as Read-A-Thon, Budget, Interview and Select, Lake Day.

Health and Wellness Committee-The purpose of this group is to review and inform the staff, students and greater community about the wellness policy and provide opportunities for the school to engage in communication with the district offices.  This committee will also work with the Barton gardens and Midwest Food Co-op for learning opportunities for the staff and students.

Communication Committee-The purpose of this group is to work with the office in updating and supporting the school and teacher websites as well as communicating with the district communications office about events, marketing, etc.