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From the Barton Leadership Council
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 9:25 AM


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dear Barton Parent and Family Community,

On Wednesday this week Patrick Duffy announced that he has accepted a position as Director of Leadership Development for St. Paul Public Schools and will mentor and supervise the professional development of their principals and assistant principals. We understand that Patrick was recruited by St. Paul Public Schools and that he put much thought into this decision. He leaves Barton with good will and belief in Barton’s vision for our children. We want to congratulate Patrick on this tremendous opportunity and thank him for his many significant contributions to Barton over the last two years.

We are now moving forward as a community to find an excellent principal for Barton. The Leadership Council’s two primary goals are 1) to participate meaningfully with the District in the process to select a principal for Barton, and 2) to communicate clearly and in a timely fashion with the Barton community during this process.

This is our plan for the next couple of weeks:

1. We will meet with Cecilia Saddler, Associate Superintendent, to understand the District’s plans to search for and select a new principal. We want to ensure that Barton parents will participate in this selection. Two years ago the Leadership Council developed a list of desired qualities in a principal based on a community-wide survey. We are reviewing this list and will share it with Cecilia.

2. Once we know more about the District process, we will plan a gathering for Barton parents to give input on what we want in a new principal and to express questions, concerns, and hopes.

3. We will be diligent about staying in touch with the Barton community as this process moves forward and we are open to parents’ concerns and ideas. We have heard concerns about the speed with which the District plans to move forward. Know that we want a thoughtful and deliberate choice made, and we value this over a speedy hiring process.

While transitions require effort and renewed commitment, we also recognize that they offer new opportunities. As always, please feel free to contact any Leadership Council member. Names and email addresses are on the Barton website at"

May we again come together to embrace new possibilities.

For the Leadership Council,

Lori Zook-Stanley, Parent Co-Chair, 2013-14
Julia Paulsen Mullin, Parent Co-Chair, 2014-15

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