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Room 6 Hopes & Dreams for Our Lives 2009-2010

  • To be happy
  • To leave my imprint on the world by doing something I like to do every day
  • To have a family of independent, open thinkers
  • To be able to teach people
  • To be a very successful person who helps other people.
  • To have a nice family and a good life
  • To have a satisfying and exciting job and have a family with a few kids who get a good education.
  • To have a nice amount of money, but not be rich.
  • To be rich, but mainly so I can donate money to organizations like Greenpeace.
  • To start an environmental or animal-saving organization
  • To be a traveler, learn different languages & see other cultures
  • To live in a different part of the country and have a home with a family and a job like a weather forecaster or something unique to the South.
  • To get a PhD.
  • To be a professional athlete but not be too famous
  • To live in a giant house in Colorado
  • To always keep my open-minded views and to always stand up before everyone has sat down
  • Be a great dancer
  • To live in NYC
  • Travel around the world & experience other countries
  • Be somewhat wealthy
  • To make a film as great as The Godfather and become a filmmaker who is a mixture between Hitchcock and Kubrick.
  • To have a family and live in the sky and be famous but not too famous
  • To live a normal city life, with a cool job, and a loving family (including some dogs)
  • To own a ranch, live out in the country and be happy
  • To be a person with a very happy family who travels to visit relatives in other countries and explores these counties
  • To help prove that things like the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot and giant spiders are real
  • To be rich but not famous, have kids and help the homeless
  • To have a wife and a kid or two
  • To travel around the world and visit and compare and contrast the U.S. to the country I’m in
  • I value personality
  • To have a cabin on Crescent Lake in Northern Minnesota
  • To have a nice wife with good looks. Nice kids.
  • To become rich from my music but stay anonymous
  • To be rich and travel A LOT
  • To have a great life, not to have to worry about financial things 24/7 and to have kids who are beautiful, healthy and strong
  • To study abroad, move to Tokyo, become an animator and create good anime/cartoons, then maybe quit and move to London or Paris and become a chef
  • To be a famous chef using cheaper foods for places that are poorer but still have those foods taste delicious
  • To be rich and travel the world and help endangered species
  • To be a speech write, preferably in the White House
  • To take a lot of pictures and get really rich and travel all over the world and then use my money help homeless people and people in poverty
  • To travel all over the world to hundreds of different places with a close friend
  • To make enough money to not have to worry about it. I don’t need fame, but if famous, I want it to be for a good, worthy reason. I want a daughter who loves me or two joyous kids
  • To have a house with a tower and a job that is satisfying
  • To have a wildflower field in the backyard that you can see from the kitchen window