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Hopes and Dreams
Friday, September 21, 2012 9:10 AM

Clara Barton Open School
Leadership Council 2012 – 2013

Our Hopes & Dreams

We, the Leadership Council of 2012-2013, hope and dream for this new school year.

For our children, we hope and dream to:

  • Ensure equity for all students and have courageous conversations that will strengthen our community.
  • Grow as a community of learners committed to the growth of all students.
  • Support basic skills on time so achievement can be self-sustaining.
  • Continue to help Barton become a more equitable place where children feel safe being vulnerable in their learning.
  • Support the positive growth of the most school-dependent learners at Barton.
  • Find tangible ways to help each child feel valued and worthy of success … AND to possibly be an example for other schools in this area, because there are so many kids out there who need this.
  • Provide opportunities for all kids to feel that they are ‘enough’.
  • Guide students through many doors – educational and others.
  • Grow as a community of learners committed to the growth of all students.

For our school culture and values, we hope and dream to:

  • Create and support a culture in which every member of the community feels connected and able to express his/her voice.
  • Welcome new students, families and staff, and encourage them to embrace the culture.
  • Practice gratitude and joy as a school community, nurture creativity and the growth mindset, and embrace vulnerability as a community.
  • Find a way to embrace, interact, intermingle, blend, understand, celebrate and create connections between the many different cultures at Barton.
  • Increase connection between Somali and non-Somali parents.
  • Work together in authenticity to get to a soul level, and work at being remarkable, not perfect.

For our work together as a Council, we hope and dream to:

  • Work as a team where everyone participates equally and makes change at Barton this year.
  • ‘Jell’ as a Council and come up with good ideas to improve Barton.
  • Listen even if we can’t fix a problem.
  • Have a deeper understanding of how Barton works and what we can contribute.

For this year of transition, we hope and dream to:

  • Be a calm, enthusiastic and consistent presence.
  • Support Barton in its leadership transition, allowing it to retain the traditions and culture that has served it best, while growing and broadening in new and exciting ways.
  • Root our actions more in what we want for Barton in the future than in looking back at our past.
  • Make our transition year one of deep learning and new growth.

We are the Leadership Council of 2012 – 2013, and these are our hopes and dreams.